The Vice President and the majority of the Cabinet can declare the President ineligible – a move that has never been taken before

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According to reports, some members of Donald Trump’s cabinet have discussed moving on to Jan. Amendment to the US Constitution to appeal immediately to remove him from office

Prominent Republicans have accused the president of instigating the violence that led to the Capitol building being stormed and four people dead

A source familiar with the situation said some cabinet members and Trump allies had heard of the Jan. 25 appeal, according to Reuters Amendment spoken even though it was only two weeks before Joe Biden’s inauguration

Several Democrats also penned a letter to Mr Pence demanding that he refer to Jan. appointed, reported NBC News

If for any reason a president is unable to carry out his duties, the 25th Amendment to the US Constitution to be enforced

The amendment says that a president who knows that he cannot or cannot perform the duties of the office can notify Congress

This is usually the case when a president is about to undergo an operation that leaves him unconscious

The vice president will then become the incumbent president until the president sends another message stating that he can go back to the job

However, the fourth section of the amendment sets out what happens if the President can no longer perform his duties but does not transfer power

It is said that the Vice-President and the majority of the Cabinet would have to declare the President unfit to manage

They then sent a letter to the Speaker of the House of Representatives and the President pro tempore – the second most senior official in the Senate – saying that the Vice President will then become acting President

When the President is finally ready to resume his duties, the President can send a letter saying so.If the Vice President and the majority of the Cabinet disagree, they can write a letter to Congress within four days send Congress would then have to vote

The president resumes his duties unless both congress houses agree by a two-thirds majority that he is not ready

The first sitting president is the House Speaker, now Nancy Pelosi, followed by the Interim President of the Senate, now Chuck Grassley, of Iowa, followed by members of the Cabinet

But Ms. Pelosi or Mr. Grassley might be reluctant to take on the role because they would have to step down from Congress to take the position and could only serve until Congress had a final decision on who would be president

Yes the issue was raised when the president was hospitalized for coronavirus in October, but he did not invoke Jan.

Later that month, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced legislation that would create a commission that would allow Congress to intervene on the amendment to remove the President from executive duties

His successor, Lyndon Johnson, promised in 1965 to propose legislation to ensure that leadership continues in the event a president is disabled or dies

It addressed the Kennedy situation by saying that the vice president becomes president when a president dies or resigns

Previous transfers of power were generally brief and occurred when the president was undergoing medical surgery

In 2002, President George W Bush as the first section three to temporarily transfer power to Vice President Dick Cheney while Bush was given general anesthesia for a colonoscopy

In 1985, President Reagan temporarily transferred power to Vice President George HW Bush while he was undergoing an operation to remove a polyp from his colon

White House officers discussed the move, but Vice President Bush was out at the time. When he returned to Washington, the president’s condition had stabilized and doctors awaited a full recovery

When Donald Trump raged on Wednesday night over what he sees as treason in the White House, members of his team debated whether to finally jump off his sinking ship

Other senior administrators, so alarmed by his behavior, are reportedly debating whether the cabinet is moving on to Aug. Change could invoke

After the 25 Change, the President may be removed from office by the Vice-President plus a majority in the Cabinet or by the Vice-President and a body established by Congress if they determine that he is “unable to perform the powers and duties of his office”

The process of forcibly removing a rogue or incapacitated president is seen as a last resort

But even those who stood by Trump to the end fear that if he stayed in office for even a few days, he could take action that could cause further violence and death

Conversations began after the carnage that took place in the capital, but they are said to have been informal and made no suggestion of an immediate action plan

Democrats on the House Justice Committee sent a letter to Vice President Mike Pence last night asking him to stay tuned for Jan. Appeal amendment

The head of a large U.S. group of companies whoRepresenting 000 companies, including Exxon Mobil Corp, Pfizer Inc and Toyota Motor Corp, urged senior US officials to do the same

Jay Timmons, chief executive of the National Association of Manufacturers, said Trump “instigated violence to keep power and any elected leader defending him is breaking his constitutional oath and rejecting democracy in favor of it.” Anarchy from Vice President (Mike) Pence, who has been evacuated from the Capitol, should seriously consider working with Cabinet to bring the 25th Change to maintain democracy “

Mike Pence would have to be on board as per the text of the amendment Pence would also need a majority of Trump’s cabinet officials to agree that the president is not fit for office and to temporarily take power from him, Trump could take her step with a letter to Congress denying pence and the cabinet would then have four days to dispute it. Congress would then vote and it would require a two-thirds majority, usually 67 Senators and 290 members of the House, to remove it permanently

In addition, Donald Trump has now finally committed to a peaceful transfer

Congressional supporters or enablers, depending on how you see them, have started to part ways with Mr Trump.We can also see more resignations today as well However, change is a nuclear option and a tedious process It’s hard to imagine it’s happening now But it’s easy to see some deeply tense and potentially dangerous days ahead

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