The Senators voted 92-7 after midnight to derail the GOP attempt to undo Pennsylvania’s support for the Democrat

On a long day marked by the deadly storm of the pro-Trump rioters on the Capitol, it was the second state a group of Republicans tried and failed to reverse the will of voters for some GOP- Lawmakers have backed President Donald Trump’s false claims that the election was fraudulent

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell believes no other states’ votes will be challenged, meaning that the formal confirmation of Congress for Biden’s victory could be completed quickly once the House votes on the Pennsylvania Challenge

Objections to Pennsylvania’s votes included 80 House Republicans and Missouri GOP Sen. Josh Hawley, who is considered a potential 2024 presidential candidate

The woman who was shot dead by police in the US Capitol was identified as a woman from San Diego

Ashli ​​Babbit was a 14-year-old U.S. Air Force veteran who completed four tours and had a high level of security clearance throughout her career

Her husband told KUSI News that she was a strong supporter of Trump, which is fully visible on her Twitter account

A video was posted online showing the moment she was shot trying to climb through a barricaded door in the S. Capitol

The day before she was shot, the New York Post reported that she tweeted, “Nothing will stop us … you can try and try and try, but the storm is here and it’s descending on DC in less than 24 hours … dark to light ”

Less than eight hours after the violence broke out, after the Capitol was fully secured, lawmakers reassembled their joint session and were determined to send the message that they would not be intimidated

“For those who wreaked havoc at our Capitol today, you did not win,” said Vice President Mike Pence as he resumed the “This is still the House of the People”


Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell pledged never “to be deterred from people’s business by” thugs, mobs, or threats “

Utah Sen Mitt Romney’s reasonable remarks, intended as a reprimand for those in the Chamber who were still determined to object to the election results, sparked rare applause from his congressional colleagues

“The best way to show respect to disgruntled voters is to tell them the truth,” Romney said. “And the truth is, President-elect Biden won this election”

What should a historic day be in the US? S Capital lived up to that bill for the wrong reasons on Wednesday when an angry crowd of Donald Trump supporters managed to overwhelm the police and lay siege to Capitol Hill

After hearing that the president himself had familiar complaints about a “stolen” presidential election, a group of protesters mobbed the Capitol police and ran amok through the building as lawmakers were about to confirm Joe Biden’s victory

Members of Congress were immediately evacuated, and officers with guns drawn confronted the mob, who eventually managed to gain access to the legislative chamber where members of the Senate and House had just sat

The following pictures were stunning: A man in a Make America Great Again hat, feet up on Spokeswoman Nancy Pelosi’s desk, another walks through the rotunda with a Confederate flag over his shoulder A man’s podium is with him a trump flag occupied as a cape

Outside, as police sirens echoed and helicopters pulsed overhead, thousands upon thousands cheered on the steps of the Capitol and celebrated the news of the breach, waving flags, firing torches, and pounding smoke grenades from above on the balcony

DC. Police Chief Robert Contee confirmed that shots had been fired at the Capitol and at least one person was rushed to hospital with a gunshot wound.Media reports suggest one person has since died from their injuries

Trump, who had sworn to the loyalists gathered outside the White House that he would never admit defeat in the November presidential election, issued a tweet urging supporters to “stay peaceful” “

“Please support our Capitol Police and Law Enforcement,” wrote Trump, not urging protesters to vacate the federal legislature

He later posted a short video asking the occupiers to “go home” but also reiterating his claim that the election was stolen and expressing solidarity with the crowd: “We love you” said the President “You are very special”

While political observers, elected officials and heads of state and government condemned the actions on social media platforms, the cheering, festive atmosphere on the grounds outside the building provided a contrasting study

“This is not a violent riot,” insisted Nancy Murphy, who had traveled from Saratoga, Nto attend protest on Wednesday and was in front and center when clashes started

“These are people who think they can make a quick choice and steal a choice,” she said, gesturing toward the Capitol dome, “and take our country away from us””

New Hampshire-based Tom Monahan was doing his best to rinse the pepper spray out of his eyes, and his mom, who supported Trump, did her best to help when he described the moment the chaos broke out >

“I was just trying to get a better picture of being part of the story,” said Monahan, desperately forcing explosions from a water bottle into his reddened, tear-stained face

“My mom and I went up the stairs and got way too close, way too far. The next thing I know is me and a whole bunch of cops using spray and flash bangs”

“This is the home of the people of America,” Murphy said. “They know what the Constitution says; they just choose not to go along with it, and no America says, ‘No'”

However, by the time night fell – the continued roar of police sirens and the glow of emergency lights highlighting the darkness – the police had put the vast Capitol grounds in place, gradually pushing people away from the building

President-elect Joe Biden, whose election victory was due to be confirmed two months ago on Wednesday, instead addressed the nation asking for silence

“Our democracy is under unprecedented attack,” said Biden, calling the demonstrators “extremists” who “subscribe to lawlessness” “

“This is not dissent, it is disorder, it is chaos. It verges on turmoil and has to end – now,” he said

“We are following developments on Capitol Hill very closely,” tweeted Hillman. “All embassy staff are safe and responsible. We call for calm during this time”

“Canadians are deeply concerned and saddened by the attack on democracy in the United States, our closest ally and neighbor,” Prime Minister Justin Trudeau tweeted. “Violence will never be able to override the will of the people in democracy the US. must be sustained – and it will be “

In a joint statement, Congress leaders Pelosi and Sen Chuck Schumer urged Trump to urge protesters to leave the building immediately. Vice President Mike Pence also urged the intruders to withdraw

“This attack on our Capitol will not be tolerated,” said Pence. “Those involved will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law”

DC police have confirmed a woman died after she was shot dead in the U.S. Capitol during the riot on Wednesday

Meanwhile, President Donald Trump has reached out on Twitter defending the actions of those who stormed and occupied the Capitol earlier in the day

“These are the things and events that happen when a sacred landslide election victory is so unceremoniously viciously stripped by &,” he said on Twitter

President Donald Trump posted a video on Twitter urging his supporters to “go home” while falsely claiming that the 2020 elections were stolen from him

“It’s a very difficult time, there has never been a time like this when something like this happened, when they could take it away from all of us,” he continued

He concluded his statement with the words: “We love you, you are very special … but go home and go home in peace”

President-elect Joe Biden called for the restoration of “simple decency” on Wednesday when a mob instigated by his predecessor stormed the U. Capitol and belated Congress from confirming November election results in which Biden won the White House

Biden had planned to deliver a speech about revitalizing an economy and providing financial relief to small business owners affected by the coronavirus pandemic in his hometown of Delaware

However, just before he was due to start speaking, protesters broke into the capital and reached to the floor of the building’s lockdown and police officers drawn with guns drawn as Vice President Mike Pence and lawmakers evacuated to places secure Shortly after dark, the National Guard troops were deployed and a curfew for the entire city was demanded, as the rioters occupied the capital for hours

“At this hour our democracy is facing an unprecedented attack such as we have never seen in modern times,” Biden said, adding that what happened: “An attack on the rule of law like we have never seen before have seen before””

He said the uprising verged on turmoil, adding, “The scenes of chaos in the capital don’t reflect real America, don’t represent who we are”

“I urge this mob to step back and promote democracy,” said Biden. “At best a president’s words can inspire, at worst they can incite”

Biden also urged Trump to “go on national television now” to “demand an end to this siege” “

A joint congressional session had been called to confirm Biden’s election victory.But when that happened, Trump reached out to thousands of protesters gathered outside the Capitol to cheer his baseless allegations of electoral fraud and the results of a free one and to protest fair election just because the candidate they support had lost them

Trump’s supporters besieged the Capitol – resulting in disturbing scenes of chaos and violence that have not been seen in Washington for decades

Biden’s speech was delayed by more than an hour as the president-elect and his aides tore up his planned remarks and worked on drafting a new statement dealing with the scene in the country’s capital that seemed no extra security to give Biden, but when the president-elect huddled backstage, agents were on his US. The Secret Service details stood in their place for more than an hour in front of a stage in a theater in downtown Wilmington with four American flags

CNN reports that a woman is being treated for a gunshot wound at the U. Capitol

Protesters who support President Donald Trump have violated the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday engaged in violent clashes with police force delaying the constitutional process to confirm Joe Biden’s victory in November elections

Trump had urged supporters to come to Washington to protest Congressional formal approval of Biden’s victory. Several Republican lawmakers have backed his demands, despite no evidence of fraud or wrongdoing in the election

Both chambers deepened abruptly when dozens of people in the Capitol broke security lines and lawmakers in the chamber of the house were told to put on gas masks while tear gas was being fired in the rotunda

A chaplain prayed as the police guarded the doors to the chamber and the legislature tried to gather information about what was going on

An announcement was played at the Capitol when lawmakers met and were expected to confirm Biden’s victory. No one could enter or leave the Capitol complex due to an “external security threat,” the tape reads

Both chambers abruptly paused District of Columbia Mayor Muriel Bowser issued a curfew for 6 p.m.

The skirmishes took place outside at the exact spot where President-elect Biden will be inaugurated in just two weeks

Protesters tore down metal barricades at the base of the Capitol steps and were hit by officers in riot gear.Some tried to push past officers holding shields and officers could see pepper spray shooting into the crowd to hold them back some in the crowd shouted “traitors” as officials tried to hold them back

The skirmishes came shortly after Trump addressed thousands of his supporters and upset the crowd with his unsubstantiated allegations of election fraud at a rally near the White House on Wednesday prior to the congressional vote

“We’re not going to let them silence your voices,” Trump told the protesters who lined up before sunrise to get a prime position to hear the president

When protesters raved about the U Capitol, Congress was forced to abruptly suspend deliberations on the Republican challenges to Joe Biden’s presidential victory on Wednesday

President Donald Trump’s relentless efforts to scrap the election results and hold on to the White House drew a large crowd into the White House, and then Trump sent them to the Capitol

The legislature had convened an extraordinary joint meeting to confirm the results of the electoral college However, protests broke out in front of the Capitol and government offices were evacuated

While other Republicans were behind the challenge of Biden’s victory at Electoral College 306-232, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell tried to ease tension and spoke out against it. He warned the country “cannot continue to fall into two separate tribes” with “separate facts” ”

But other Republicans, including House GOP leaders among Trump’s allies, negotiated appeals from supporters to “fight for Trump” at his grand rally on Pennsylvania Avenue on Wednesday in front of the White House
Recent efforts will almost certainly fail, defeated by bipartisan majorities in Congress willing to accept the November results. Biden is due to be inaugurated on January 20

I just cleared my office in Cannon because of a nearby threat. Now we see protesters attacking Capitol Police
That’s wrong That’s not who we are I’m heartbroken for our nation today ImageTwittercom / jC9P0YfSLQ

Trump protesters just fired a fire extinguisher outside the Senate Chamber. Many protesters are in the building and most of the people are hiding from themTwittercom / 0y2sk8LHWd

Protesters loyal to President Donald Trump clashed with police on Capitol Hill Wednesday as lawmakers embarked on the tense and arduous process of confirming Joe Biden’s presidential victory

Video posted on Twitter showed some of the thousands of Trump loyalists gathered in the state capital to break barricades while dozens of Capitol cops battled to hold them back

As the commotion broke out, Congress began confirming the results of the November presidential election, a process opposed by several members of the House and Senate

Tensions on the hill erupted shortly after the president himself spent more than an hour spreading familiar complaints in front of thousands of people outside the White House, a sea of ​​Trump banners and American flags floating in a bitter January wind waved

What is usually a solid exercise in the constitutional process began Wednesday with Arizona Rep Paul Gosar and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz formally protests against the voters from their states

This triggered a maximum of two hours of separate debate in the two chambers of Congress, a process that is expected to repeat itself every time a member registers an objection

In refusing to acknowledge defeat, Trump has put pressure on Vice President Mike Pence, who leads today’s certification process, despite having no real power to derail it

Pence also said the same on Wednesday when Trump was out urging his vice president to “do the right thing”

Several Republican lawmakers are expected to object to Biden’s victory and make false allegations of electoral fraud – a futile exercise that will ultimately only help delay the inevitable

Add to the tensions the changing political landscape in Georgia, where Democrat Raphael Warnock was elected the state’s first black Senator and Jon Ossoff appears poised to oust Republican Senator David Perdue

Two Democratic victories in Tuesday’s runoff elections would take Republicans out of control of the Senate and provide a clearer path for Biden’s presidential agenda

All of this fuels the fear of violence in DC.where Trump supporters clashed with police Tuesday night and members of the National Guard are on hand to keep order

On Capitol Hill, all eyes will be on Pence – a loyal Trump lieutenant caught between his dedication to the president and his obligations under the US Constitution

Experts insist that Pence’s role is strictly ceremonial and that he does not have the power to reject votes from the electoral college

“If Vice President Mike Pence gets through for us, we will win the presidency,” Trump tweeted early Wednesday – a message that Twitter promptly branded its now well-known “controversial” flag

He immediately appealed, “Do it, Mike, this is a time for extreme courage!”

Woman shot in the Capitol

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