“BIPOC” is one of the newer buzzwords that has beaten up your favorite “allies”
Black people over their heads for the past year After the year the blacks had, why is that?
Is it that a new term is born in order not to call us “black”?

What does this term mean? Well, it just stands for black, indigenous and colored people (not to be confused with “biopic”)
Right before George Floyd’s murder, if you were a black woman or black man in the world
surely could care less about your existence

Several blacks after months of demonstrations
Corpses killed and as rallies and marches flooded the television waves, the “fad” of being an activist
was more obvious to non-blacks around the world
At the beginning of summer 2020 the new catchphrase “BIPOC”
gained some traction

The term seems to coincide with the death of George Floyd and began to
get up after this moment
Well, if those flavor makers, creators, influencers or whatever their positions really are
“Allies” they would have known that the term “POC” is not a term that blacks resonate
to start with, so throwing an additional (and unnecessary) “B” and “I” on it, doesn’t matter
more “inclusive”

In fact, it’s taking something away from the black community and other communities once again
To pool us all together without realizing that we are all different people, not just some trending ones

“BIPOC” is not the first of this tendency to classify a group of people without
Recognition of their actual preference The use of the term “minority” and the few variations
this is the original term “inclusivity” which is far more disrespectful than intended

In 2006 he took up the subject on Dave Chappelle’s sketch comedy show “Chappelle’s Show”
The term “minorities” and how it is used when politicians and news anchors refer to black people
The origins of the term “BIPOC” are skewed in terms of who created the term and when
exactly it was used, but as a guess of mine I would assume it was some other term created by a
white person, to avoid us being “black” ”

The reason I believe “BIPOC” was created by a white man or woman is because of that
The fact that whites have been the engineers of the English language for centuries
Centuries in the US. You have allowed the language to be actors in how
We judge each other and give power to those sounds and syllables that come out of ours

This term “BIPOC” was not chosen by the Black Caucus as something we chose
would like to be labeled as I am going to stand up to say that indigenous peoples did not
also agree with this word

These words and phrases that are created for us do not form
To bridge these demographics, there is an unnecessary precedent for these two
Demography has no say in what we are called, which ultimately devalues ​​them
Value of a single group

So for any of the “thought leaders” or “progressives” who don’t know what to call them
“BIPOC” friend or peer or whatever, just ask because 9 times out of 10 I would think they are
would be referred to as a black or indigenous person rather than summarizing the two

Amir Wright is a senior at the School of Arts and Sciences with a focus on Journalism and Media Studies and a minor in Africana. His column “The Black Light” appears alternately on Fridays

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