The Ontario government has announced that the York region will resume the province’s COVID-19 response framework at the red control level

According to a government update on Friday afternoon, the 12:01 pm change in restrictions will take effect on Feb. 22 The current home stay order for the York area is also being canceled

Officials said the decision was made on the basis of an “overall improvement in trends in key indicators” “

The York area will remain under red control for at least two weeks and ongoing reassessments will be conducted. Ontario Chief Medical Officer of Health, Dr David Williams may order a switch to the gray lock in response to concerns about the variants

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The COVID-19 shutdown in Toronto, Peel, and North Bay-Parry Sound was suspended by Aug. March extended in York to get into the red zone

Nursing homes have visitor restrictions and must impose advanced testing requirements

The neighboring regions of Toronto and Peel will remain closed and will not see any easing of the restrictions for the time being. An order for the stay at home will also remain in force March will be in effect

“While health indicators have improved enough that we can bring one more region back in line, we are not yet at the point where we can safely bring the rest of the province back,” Williams said in a statement

Casinos, bingo halls and gaming facilities can be operated with a maximum of 10 people indoors and 25 people outdoors, provided that the physical distance can be respected

Alcohol can only be sold and served between 9am and 9pm and alcohol consumption is prohibited between 10pm and 9am

These facilities are closed except for drive-in theaters. Rehearsals or performances that are broadcast are permitted without spectators, and performers and staff must be two meters apart.Singers and musicians who play brass and wind instruments must be separated by impervious barriers

Venues can be operated with caps of 10 people indoors and 25 people outdoors, as long as the physical distance can be respected

Facilities must be closed between 10am and 5am Alcohol can only be sold and served between 9am and 9pm

Oxygen bars, steam baths, saunas, bathhouses and other “adult venues” must be closed. Sensory deprivation pods are also largely prohibited with limited exceptions

Facilities can operate indoors with a limit of 10 people as long as physical distance is respected and customers can be verified. Outdoor, takeaway, delivery, and drive-through restaurants can be operated

People wishing to position themselves outside to get in must wear face covers and be two meters apart

Facilities must be closed between 10am and 5am Alcohol can only be sold and served between 9am and 9pm

Face covering must be worn except when eating and drinking Employees must wear personal protective equipment and eye protection when visiting customers who do not have face covering

Music must be kept as close to normal conversation levels as possible. Dancing, singing, and live music are prohibited

Schools and daycare centers are allowed to remain open according to previous reopening plans and compliance with evolving public health guidelines

Post-secondary facilities can only be used for programs that require it (e.g. B. clinical-medical training, crafts, etc.), stay open for personal lessons) Virtual learning is required for all other situations

There may be personal purchases, but supermarkets, convenience stores, pharmacies, and other stores primarily selling groceries must limit the number of customers to 75 percent of the approved capacity for all other retail and big box stores an upper limit of 50 percent applies

Customers must keep a distance of two meters and wear face covers in accordance with applicable regulations

People wishing to position themselves outside to get in must wear face covers and be two meters apart

Organized public events and social gatherings are limited to five people indoors and 25 people outdoors

Church services, ceremonies and weddings have an upper limit of 30 percent of the approved capacity and 100 people outdoors.Physical distancing must be observed

Two meters of physical distance must always be maintained. The distance must be increased to three meters in areas with strength training and exercise equipment as well as during training and fitness courses

Taking into account physical distancing, there is an upper limit of 10 people indoors with weights and exercise equipment, as well as indoors during lessons.There is an upper limit of 25 people for external classes. Spectators are only permitted for parents or legal guardians of participants under the age of 18

All activities in which people could come within two meters are prohibited and no contact is allowed during team or individual sports, but there are exceptions for high-performance athletes and for parasports

For individuals attending facilities, their visits must be limited to 90 minutes and face coverings must be worn except during exercise. The music must be turned down to normal conversation levels to avoid screaming

Contact information must be collected and reservations must be made. Attendees must be screened and associated safety plans must be posted in a visible location

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