Sydney Sixers final hopes are on shaky ground after losing to their fifth straight loss to Brisbane Heat Tuesday afternoon

The Sixers suffered again in the absence of Ash Gardner, who was excluded from the match after suffering a seventh concussion in her career against Adelaide Strikers on Sunday.

Heatball player Delisa Chemins pleads for a wicket during her team’s 3 wicket defeat on BreakersCredit: Getty

It remains to be seen when the 23-year-old will return to the game, after the Sixers confirmed that it is “extremely unlikely” that Gardner will return to face the Sixers against Thunder on Wednesday

The Sixers managed to set a solid goal of 123 for the visitors at Sydney Showground, but the fourth-placed Heat proved too hungry to stay in the final competition by winning three wickets.

The efforts of The Sixers were supported by the return of Lauren Cheatle, who returned to WBBL on Tuesday 661 days after the match

The 22-year-old underwent a reconstruction of her right shoulder and a stress fracture in her back in 2017 before being injured again last year, as Chetel needed a left shoulder reconstruction in November 2019 and a bicep in July.

After nearly two years of playing in the league, Chetel managed to catch a stellar catch to take home his first Small Gate role.

Prior to the match, Chitel opened up about her recovery from injury this year and revealed how she was barely able to throw the ball three meters in August

“There was some kind of correction where things just weren’t going well,” said

“I wanted to be ready for some of these [WBBL] games, so not going over some sort of three or four meters in August was a little difficult”


Chitel said she barely told anyone about the session due to frustration over her lack of recovery

“I didn’t want people to know maybe I wasn’t feeling well, from an outcome point of view,” she said, “I didn’t want anyone else to feel that I needed this extra support.

“I felt I could take it on my own and wanted to take it on my own because I knew that if I could do it it would be easy to play”

Instead of being upset with herself, Chitel said she used the session as a motivational tool instead

“Soon afterwards a session came where I was able to throw 15-20 meters, so I turned around“ I don’t know if this was a change of position, or just realized that I could support my shoulder and could do it ”

Sixers coach Ben Sawyer was Cheatle’s bowling coach for seven years and played a “big role” in the little gun’s recovery

The Sixers’ efforts were supported by the return of Lauren Cheatle, who returned to WBBL on Tuesday 661 days after the match  Credit: Getty

“He knows my body and bowling better than anyone, so his support for me to play is huge,” she said

After the match, Chitel said it “conflicts” with her feelings â € Devastated by the loss but high to play again

“I will benefit from some lessons from this game and I hope to have a better jog for the next three laps,” she said

The Sixers will now face Thunder on Wednesday in the final derby of the regular season.

“It will be difficult but it is something we are ready for and we don’t have a choice anymore,” she said, “To reach the Finals we have to win.

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