The year 2o20 showed us how women lead with empathy, leadership and a deep understanding of their employees In politics, many women fought the COVID fight around the world.We have also seen that many in companies female leaders have taken their organizations to the next level by engaging with employees when the business environment was the toughest, bringing you inspiring leaders who are a must for 2021

As a teacher at heart, Divya Gokulnath focuses on children and education through her contributions.She inspires her followers with her moving thoughts and reflections.For women looking to build careers in science and education, Gokulnath is a real role model at the age of 21 Years ago, when most people had just left college trying to figure out their career path, Gokulnath had begun shaping careers for about 100 students who were only four years younger than they, meanwhile, Gokulnath has imparted their knowledge and guidance to millions of teenagers In 2020, her learning application was reportedly downloaded by approximately 64 million people by BYJU’s reports, Divya Gokulnath also had her name on the Femina Power List in 2020

Sindhu Gangadharan, the first woman to lead the German tech giant, has a lot to offer in terms of inspiration, advice, reflection and congratulations on her LinkedIn page, she posts information about her company’s social and business initiatives, as well as some useful content So that their followers feel motivated. Over the past 20 years as a professional, Gangadharan has not only broken one glass ceiling after the other, but also helped other young women climb higher.In collaboration with UNICEF, she and her company, SAP Labs, want young professionals to join help to receive qualification training at the branch level and educational aids

Ritu Anand keeps her followers motivated and always pushes them to aim higher. She often talks about the diversity and implicit discrimination that hinders this. She once wrote, “I believe as leaders we need to invest personal capital and that Actively model desired behaviors to build a more open and accepting culture This must be done with courage, empathy and an open mindset Anand believes that leaders need to be close enough to relate to others, but far enough to inspire them This is exactly the kind of leader she has been so far. Alongside important discussions about diversity and inclusion as a professional, she has also encouraged young women to take on leadership roles

Menon shares posts on technology, innovation and anything to do with inclusion in jobs.She also publishes many assistive technologies for people with disabilities to reduce the inaccessibility of these people in the workforce.She also imparts her knowledge of that technological field to help others improve their business goals.She made the list of the most powerful women in business in Fortune Magazine and Business Today.She was also included in the list of the Top 10 LGBT Ally Executives in Business, which speaks to her urge to make the tech world truly inclusive

Sirohi sheds light on mental health, health and wellbeing through her posts, and keeps shedding light on the issues of the current time.He recently posted a picture of a toy maker and shared his story with her followers. She also shares creative content such as movies, craft items and shorts Videos that were made by other people and that fascinate them. Your ability to speak publicly has made her one of the greatest influencers. Her firsthand knowledge of business and marketing have enabled her to speak at many of the conferences you have has an MBA from the prestigious Indian Faculty of Management Studies at Delhi University For the past 20 years she has led giant organizations such as Hindware and Nestle India

From healthcare, organizational development, eco-innovations to motivational speeches, Dr Sangeeta Reddy all the important things on her side Her contributions to health care during the pandemic were data driven, technologically informed and sensitive to various social circles.She was also President of the Federation of India’s Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) In 2019 she received the Best Female Healthcare Leader Award from the Indian Medical Association (IMA) Aside from that, she has won many prestigious awards. She was also featured on LinkedIn’s “Top Voices 2019 India List”

Self-made and motivated, Kiran Mazumdar Shaw is a must-have for more than her business acumen. As Chair of the Biopharmaceutical Biocon, Kiran Mazumdar Shaw has not only built an India-born multinational company, but is also one of the most public and brightest citizens in the country, who regularly provides feedback to government and industry during COVID, speaking on key topics from vaccine development to citizen movements to stopping the spread.Not only does she share her knowledge of business strategy, innovation and healthcare, but also makes sure that aspiring women entrepreneurs are in India Visible Her long list of achievements makes it difficult to highlight the best. She is a woman who has received two of the highest honors a civilian can receive in India. She won a Padma Shri Award in 1989 and a Padma Bhushan in 2005 excellent 2014 she won d he Othmer Gold Medal and in 2019 became the first woman to receive the United States National Academy of Engineering award.Read her best entrepreneurship lessons here

From book recommendations to global events, Indra Nooyi’s LinkedIn is full of inspiration as one of the most successful women in leadership roles, showing how women are doing in the industry.She also makes room for multiple women to inspire her from time to time, sharing her Also her favorite motivational quotes from other authors with Last year she won the Outstanding Woman in Business Award, followed by her numerous honorary doctorates and many prestigious recognitions around the world.She is also a Padma Bhushan recipient and was named the best CEO in the world

In one of her posts, Leena Nair got to the heart of gender equality in the workplace and how fathers should get parenting sheets just like mothers. She regularly shares her newsletter names “Learning with Leena,” where she shares the knowledge, that she has acquired over the years, passes on with advice on leadership. She is also invited to many global conferences that she posts on her timeline She is the first and youngest woman to ever become the CHRO of Unilever The Queen of England, Queen Elizabeth II, Nair recognized herself as one of the UK’s most successful Indian business leaders

Smriti Handa, the South Asia HR manager at Reckitt Benckiser, got her name on LinkedIn Top Voices 2019-2020 for all the right reasons.As a hiring professional, she writes about inclusion and diversity, coupled with her own experiences.She also motivates her followers to join to participate in the creation of equal opportunities for all, “without prejudice, without counting the opportunities” As one of LinkedIn’s top voices for 2019-20, she set a precedent for hiring managers in India in terms of management and leadership. Before joining RB, she was HR director for all of Southeast Asia and at Phillips Health Systems Airtel India

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