Godzilla Vs Kong hasn’t even come out yet, and I’m already talking about what I want to see in the future for the series so we can’t have beautiful things! In all seriousness, I have a feeling Godzilla will be fine no matter who wins this grudge game because whether the MonsterVerse persists or not, Toho is likely to do something to the King of the Monsters so we won’t lose Godzilla anytime soon I do I’m actually much more concerned about King Kong, who I believe will go back to hibernation if the MonsterVerse is unsuccessful

You see, while I know King Kong is pretty popular, he seems to be disappearing for a few years until a filmmaker remembers what an American classic the original film is The Last Time We Got The King Before Kong : Saw Skull Island 2017 was in 2005 with Peter Jackson’s retelling and I feel like we were lucky enough to get this in the first place! So, I definitely want the MonsterVerse to go on, even if it just comes down to holding King Kong a little longer. Here are 5 possible directions I would love to see King Kong hit your chest in the future if you can love the big monkey!

Director Adam Wingard has said in the past that there will be a definite winner in this movie and although I’ll believe it when I see it, I still want a rematch no matter who wins if you get the original from Have seen King Kong Vs Godzilla then you will know that there was no real winner in this movie because both giants fell into the sea together.But while fans have been asking for a sequel for decades, we never got one in a way, so Godzilla Vs Kong is like a spiritual sequel to that film

But, and I’m not the first person to say that, I think there might be a “Martha” (Or “Mothra”) moment when the two titans are fighting together against another force (such as Mechagodzilla?) And I am sort of preparing to be disappointed. But however this movie ends, I still want a rematch because I love Godzilla and King Kong and want to see them together again on the big (or small) screen Is that too much to ask?

King Kong has actually been in animated form a couple of times.He had his own TV show called Kong: The Animated Series, which ran for two seasons in 2001, as well as three animated films – The Mighty Kong (which is a musical!), Kong: King of Atlantis and Kong: Return to the Jungle And as you’d expect, none of them were as good

But HBO Max has a chance to make a great animated series that actually fits into the MonsterVerse I mean, they’ve been spending all of this time building this expanded universe so I don’t see why an animated series doesn’t do it yet can get bigger And I want Kong to be the center of attention! He’s just a great character to build a whole series with and it just has to be good to work and no more musicals please

What I love about Kong: Skull Island is that it’s a historical piece, it’s set in 1973 and it has that whole ’70s vibe that I just love so much. It’s like part of Apocalypse Now, part Predator and about 98 pieces of Creedence Clearwater Revival, and it all just came together so well. But what if we go back even further?

Just imagine what if you didn’t go to Godzilla Vs Kong, we went back again, maybe back to the 1930s? It would be really cool if the crew from the original King Kong went to Skull Island, but here’s the twist, you’ll never make it back! We have never seen this version of the story before so I would love to see this with this version of King Kong. It would be so cool!

Son of Kong, which came out in 1933 the same year as the first film, is one of my least favorite King Kong films for good reason, King Kong isn’t even in, but I still love the idea of ​​King Kong having a kid has, mostly because it would mean there would have to be another female monkey, a la King Kong Lives.But this movie is pretty lousy, so I’d love to see this MonsterVerse version of Kong have a kid and the protective one Parent is

Honestly, I really think I want Godzilla’s son Manilla (or Minya) to play against King Kong’s son just for the parents to start pushing each other around and then beating each other into buildings. Hey, strange things happened to us finally getting a direct sequel to Cloverfield, and I never thought that would happen Speaking of really big monsters

Most recently, Godzilla fought other famous enemies in Godzilla: King of the Monsters, so I don’t understand why King Kong only needs to be relegated to the battle against Godzilla when he can clearly take on so many other monsters in the Pantheon the Kaiju creations Because King Kong has never fought Mothra Or Rodan Or King who freaks out Ghidorah And I really want to see that! King Kong grabbed two of Ghidorah’s necks in both hands and bumped his head against the other head I mean, right?

Or even better, King Kong vs. Gigan Or King Kong vs. Biollante Or King Kong vs. Destroy! Honestly, King Kong vs. Any of Godzilla’s enemies would be pretty epic and the stuff of dreams for a King Kong / Godzilla lover like me. And why can’t it happen? Legendary seems interested in building the MonsterVerse even further as long as the fan base is around. So that’s exactly what I want King Kong vs. other monsters And if Godzilla vs. Kong is successful then hey maybe it will become a reality

In the end, this legendary King Kong has to stay because he’s far too bad and physical to go away. But what do you think? In which direction would you like to see King Kong after this movie? Sound off in the comments section below

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