Since we can’t give him a lovely pair of blue suede shoes, we honor him with these fascinating facts you may not know

Here are eight things we all mixed up to find out more about the legendary Hound Dog:

1 Elvis Presley was born on Aug. Born January 1st, 1935 in Tupelo, Mississippi, where he was raised by loving working class parents who had very little money

After moving to Memphis as a teenager, his family was only a few weeks without welfare when he was discovered by record producer Sam Phillips, according to a Britannica biography

2 Elvis had a twin brother, Jessie Garon, who was stillborn, according to the Elvis Presley official website. Elvis talked about his twin a lot during his adult years

3 Before starting his career in music, Elvis was a truck driver with an electrical company when he attended night school where he was studying electrician. He quit that job in 1954 when he started traveling and making music with local musician Scotty To include Moore and Bill Black

4 Elvis bought Graceland for 102$ 500 when he was 22 to live in himself, his parents, and his paternal grandmother The house is now a National Historic Landmark and welcomes over 500 every year, according to the Graceland website000 visitors

5 Elvis played a large role in the national vaccination effort during the polio outbreak of the 1940s

On 28 In October 1956, the star received his polio vaccine on the Ed Sullivan Show while millions of viewers watched – a move that helped convince teens and young adults (people who did not believe they were at risk) the disease) that they needed the vaccine to protect others from the deadly virus

23-year-old Elvis was eventually stationed in Germany, where, amid thousands of fan mails being opened, he met 14-year-old Priscilla Beaulieu, whom he would marry in 1967 and divorce six years later

7 Elvis had a black belt in karate and carried the certificate in his wallet until his death

8 Elvis has been inducted into five Halls of Fame: Rock’n’Roll, Country, Gospel, Rockabilly and R&B. He has sold over a billion records worldwide


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