Former Presidents Barack Obama, George W Bush and Bill Clinton praised the tradition of peaceful transfer of power, called for national unity, and wished President Joe Biden success in a nearly three-minute video release by the Biden Inaugural Committee that appears to be an unsubtle confrontation with outgoing President Donald Trump, who refused to attend Biden’s inauguration after months of trying to reverse the election results

Former Presidents Bill Clinton, Barack Obama and George W Bush speaks while celebrating [] America Primetime Special

Obama began the video by stating that there was a personal element of pride in celebrating Vice President Joe Biden for the 46th time To make President and Kamala Harris first Vice President

Obama then spoke of the two centuries old American tradition of peaceful transfer of power, recalling the “grace and generosity” from President Bush and his wife Laura, who welcomed him and his wife Michelle to the White House after his election victory, a courtesy the Trumps did not offer the Bidens

Bush noted that the fact that the three of them are standing there talking about a peaceful transfer of power speaks for institutional integrity of the country

Clinton spoke about the difficulty of getting back to normal while addressing “totally abnormal challenges” but said it will be an “exciting time” as Biden tries to build on the promise of a more perfect unionâ ????

Clinton then urged everyone to “get off their high horse” and reach their friends and neighbors

Although Trump was never directly mentioned, the examples and examples given by the former presidents contrasted very sharply with Trump’s exit, in which he didn’t even mention the Biden administration by name

Obama turned directly to Biden and said he was proud of him He and Kamala need to know that you have all of us here to ensure your success and keep you in our prayers, and we will be. We are at your disposal as citizens to help you move our country forwardâ ?? ??

In his farewell speech at Joint Base Andrews on Wednesday, Trump never mentioned Biden’s name and only stated that he wished the new administration good luck and success ???? For months, the former president refused to recognize Biden’s victory over him and continued to make unsubstantiated claims of electoral fraud Was confirmed by Congress amid a violent uprising by a Trump-backing mob in the Capitol on Jan. but his predecessor left him a “very generous one” Letter, the only great tradition that Trump apparently kept

Biden says Trump left him? Very generous Letterâ ???? But offers no clues as to what it might be saying (Forbes)

Joe Biden as 46 President sworn in at the moment of high fear in the United States (Forbes)

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