Posted: 17:05 GMT, Jan. January 2021 | Updated: 18:19 GMT, Jan. January 2021

Abbey Clancy is the latest celebrity to break Covid’s guidelines after traveling 40 mile to buy flowers

The 34-year-old model drove to two different florists on a trip around London today before returning home with a few tufts of leaves in hand

Abbey was spotted en route to two florists in Fulham, southwest London, one of whom is pictured without a mask

Florists are not considered an essential business and have been ordered to close business during the third national lockdown

Essential elements? Abbey Clancy, 34, is on her way to see two florists in Fulham, South West London, one of whom is leaving without a mask

You can offer click-and-collect or delivery services However, this is refuted by the lockdown legislation, which makes it illegal to leave your home without a reasonable excuse such as shopping for basic necessities

The model wore an all-black ensemble of a knee-length Prada padded coat, black jeans and a T-shirt, paired with chunky combat boots and low-key sunglasses, and headed for the impromptu lockdown shopping spree

Abbey had previously experienced a backlash for her family’s short break in Dubai during the pandemic, deleting a series of snaps from her festive trip in December after receiving criticism from her followers

Some fans said they were “disappointed” with Abbey after posting a collection of photos with husband Peter Crouch, their four children and friends while much of the UK was in Tier 4

Mood enhancer! The model left a bouquet of budding flowers that had yet to bloom to a florist

Home decor? The model puts the large number of sheets in the trunk of her car

Lockdown look: Abbey kept it low-key in an all-black outfit when she set off for Fulham

Abbey raved about how “lucky” she was to have had a “wonderful Christmas” when she shared the family’s journey and revealed that they stayed at a five-star hotel, the Le Royal Meridien Beach Resort and Spa, Stayed Vacation

MailOnline assumes that on 14 Flew to the UAE on December 26th before Tier 4 travel rules went into effect and on December 26th Returned to the UK on December

Other celebs found to have interpreted coronavirus restrictions liberally include Rita Ora, who was caught breaking rules in November

The singer flew to Egypt privately without being quarantined before she turned 30 Birthday hosted an illegal bash when gatherings were banned

Click and collect? Florists are not considered an essential business and will have to close during the third national lockdown However, you can offer click-and-collect services

Trip to the Florist: Abbey was seen wearing a mask as she left the first florists and tucked a large bouquet of leaves into her boot

Basic Needs? Flowers are not believed to be considered a basic necessity during this third national lockdown

The Mail on Sunday announced that the singer would be joining before her birthday on Jan. I flew to Cairo on a private jet on November 11th to perform at the five-star Hotel W

She returned the next day and should have self-isolated for 14 days under government quarantine rules

Instead, on 28 November a birthday party at the exclusive Casa Cruz restaurant in Notting Hill, West London

Vacation: Abbey Clancy has deleted a number of lavish snaps from her festive family vacation in Dubai after receiving backlash from ‘disappointed’ fans

Lavish: Abbey announced that the family had stayed at the five-star Le Royal Meridien Beach Resort & Spa during their short break in Dubai

‘Feel So Happy’: The 34-year-old model ‘disappointed’ some of her fans on Instagram when she shared a photo collection with husband Peter Crouch, their four children and friends

She apologized for this with the following statement: “Hi everyone, I attended a small meeting with some friends to celebrate my 30th birthday Celebrating a birthday

‘It was a spontaneous decision made with the misguided view that we were going to get out of lockdown and that would be fine I am very sorry for breaking the rules, and I understand that doing so puts people at risk

‘This was a grave and inexcusable error of assessment Given the limitations, I understand how irresponsible these actions were and I take full responsibility’

Caught in the act: Attention turned to Rita Ora’s infraction in November when she was caught flying to Egypt privately and not quarantined afterwards and at her 30th birthday Throwing an illegal bash on her birthday as gatherings were banned [pictured on her birthday]

Madonna has now reportedly visited five countries in just three weeks, including 11Covered 707 air miles It is believed that these trips were in compliance with United States law at the time

The Queen of Pop is said to have flown from Los Angeles to London and then to Malawi and Kenya in East Africa as part of an elaborate winter trip

The 62-year-old singer was escorted on the run by her boyfriend, the American background dancer Ahlamalik Williams, 26

Madonna (pictured in Kenya) has reportedly visited five countries in just three weeks, doing a massive 11 despite Covid travel bansEarned 707 miles

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