The 23-year-old was hospitalized with third degree burns after a flaming wine bottle exploded in her face

The 23-year-old suffered third degree burns after a flaming wine bottle exploded in her face when a social media stunt with boyfriend AJ Pritchard went wrong

The dancer was taken to A&E when the incident occurred in January and has since made an additional 20 hospital visits, requiring three skin grafts

Abbie took to Instagram after the news was posted today: “I’m sad that I’ve been out for the past few weeks and haven’t posted a lot with AJ We really wanted to share the daily vlogs with you all, but unfortunately I had an accident ”

“While we were trying to turn a glass bottle into a vase after a YouTube tutorial, it went terribly wrong and I had injuries and burns for the past 7 weeks that required continuous hospital treatment”

“I really need you all to be so careful about what you do and whether or not you copy YouTube videos I’ll be ok! I love you all!”

“I would also like to extend my heartfelt thanks to the nurses and doctors at the Burn Section in Chelsea and Westminister for their incredible care and treatment,” she added,

Her friend AJ spoke to his brother Curtis about the accident on the latest episode of the AJ vs. Curtis podcast and thanked the fans for their kind post-news messages

The “I’m a Celebrity” star said, “It turned out there was an accident with Abbie. And I just want to say, make it really short, to be honest”

“For all of you who didn’t see the story yesterday in which Abbie had an accident So I just say thank you for all the great news and all, if you haven’t seen it in the papers, thank you for all the love and support and the kind messages ”

“I know we didn’t answer all of them. But yeah, thanks for that. And we’ll talk about it later when we’re both comfortable”

“So yeah, just thanks for that love. It means a lot to your support, it keeps us all going,” he added

A source told The Sun on Sunday, “AJ and Abbie were stuck at home during the lockdown and, like many people, started making social media videos to pass the time, but this tutorial went terribly wrong”

“Abbie’s whole torso went up in flames. It all happened very quickly. It was like being in a horror movie,” the insider added

“Abbie was shocked and in great pain, but AJ took action to put out the fire with a damp tea towel. He was scared himself, but he did everything possible to keep it from burning”

AJ’s brother Curtis, who had previously performed on Love Island, drove the couple to the hospital, where Abbie was admitted to intensive care

“Abbie was in agony and the brothers knew they had to take her to the hospital immediately for treatment for her burns. It was an extremely difficult and stressful time for her, but she is on the way to recovery,” she explained Source

“AJ and Abbie want to warn others of the dangers of trying to emulate this type of video at home, they don’t want anyone else to go through what Abbie went through or to suffer”

“It was a terrible time as she worries about the future and her career as a dancer She secretly suffered and was completely traumatized by this terrible accident ”

“She stayed off social media because she didn’t want people to know about her injuries. She is struggling to come to terms with all of this but is grateful for AJ’s support. He was and has been her rock during this ordeal given her a positive attitude ”

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