All public school students in Spokane are enrolled by 1 March at least two days a week again in buildings his meeting Wednesday night

The move is a light at the end of the long tunnel Spokane parents and students lasted almost a year

“A large number of our students do not engage in distance learning,” said board member Mike Wiser

Some families believe that the pace of return is too fast, while others want their children back sooner

While the problem was being discussed, Swinyard noticed that he was receiving emails indicating that the district was moving too fast

“But I want the community to know we hear you, that we know our normalcy has been severely disrupted,” said Lockwood

According to the district’s three-phase plan, third graders will accompany students in kindergarten from January through second grade 20 The fourth graders will return to the classroom in February 3

On 1 March 2nd, middle and high school students return to school in a similar hybrid model – a few days in school and a few days of online learning

Swinyard said the plan will move forward: “If everything looks good and there is still support from the health district.

“I will emphasize that phases 2 and 3 are preliminary, provided the implementation goes well”

Other factors influencing the pace of return include school transfer trends, trends in county falls, compliance with state safety regulations, and the district’s ability to find replacement teachers and other staff

Spokane County’s second largest borough, Central Valley, is also planning to bring back fourth, fifth, and sixth grade students before the end of January

Superintendent Ben Small said Wednesday night that he would make a proposal to the school board next week to bring the secondary school students back from February 1

There are reservations for both counties, the biggest being a stabilization in local COVID numbers. As of Wednesday, the two-week case rate for Spokane County was 6795

According to recent government guidelines, schools should consider gradually returning to the classroom, starting with elementary and middle school students, when cases are greater than 50 but less than 350 per 100000 people are

With over 350 cases per 100000 people, the recommendations envisage a gradual introduction of classroom learning and a cohort of students, especially in higher grades

Starting Wednesday, Spokane County’s Health District revised its guidelines for schools, spokeswoman Kelli Hawkins said

This supports the data Gov cited last month from Jay Inslee and the superintendent of state schools, Chris Reykdal, showing little correlation between learning models and infection rates in schools – provided safety protocols are followed

During Wednesday’s meeting, Swinyard emphasized safety strategies that include regular cleaning, social distancing protocols, mask requirements, health certificates, and other measures

Families receive additional tips on standard safety protocols, as well as information on meals and student drop-off and pick-up mechanisms

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