Since the lockdown began, people have been predicting that Covid-19 will finally reshape travel Now it’s starting The first of the blocks is One&Only The upscale hotel brand is launching two new hotels in Montenegro, including a new, Hotel brand focused on health and fitness to capitalize on our newfound health concern

Philippe Zuber, Managing Director of Kerzner International, the parent company of the One&Only and Atlantis brands, gave details exclusively to Telegraph Travel “After a year in which we have all thought more than ever about our health, people are really into theirs own body “he said you have realized that if you are fit you will be in a better position for life and that you can fight any infection?

Most hotel brands have expanded and upgraded their sports and wellness offerings, from Westin, which rents running gear to travelers, to Aman, which promises extreme sports. Zuber insists that its new brand, Siro (pronounced series of sighs), target things will bring to the next level

Every element of a Siro property is designed with health and fitness in mind. The rooms have a fantastic spa shower where you can apply the pressure and temperature you need to energize yourself or before a workout to recover after a ???? Air filters, blackout blinds, soundproofing and stickers to hide the annoying standby lights on TV screens encourage sleep “I hate the lights on TV!” Zuber laughed. There are no unhealthy snacks in the minibar

Each accommodation has a huge gym (at least 1000 square feet) and a pool where a dedicated trainer will work on the goals you want to tell them to achieve if you are lucky enough to train with one of the top athletes of the new brand, the first is Adam Peaty who is at won the gold medal in the 100-meter breaststroke at the 2016 Olympic Games and later that year won Olympic gold again in Tokyo

“We’re going to be working with athletes who have a personality and an amazing enthusiasm for what we do,” said Zuber. Now it’s Adam’s time It’s his space And after a while we will introduce female athletes ??? ? Even if Peaty or prospective co-workers are not on the property when you visit, Zuber says you will be following regimens they have put together

If the sport or exercise you want at the gym isn’t available indoors, you can go outside or to local sports venues. Biking, running, or tennis – my favorite, with a trainer or batting partner – is easy But if you prefer something more niche, like fencing, we can sort that too he said

The sports ethos extends to the spa, or recovery lab, as it’s called Infrared saunas and cryotherapy – which will freeze your bum – will be available in the huge relaxation area. The only massage available is the sports massage “You won’t get a gentle touch or” be able to choose fragrant oil, “said Zuber. But he will be careful not to make the experience so hardcore that it puts some guests off” We will cater for every level of fitness. We will also have a lot of yoga [] as well as an emphasis on general wellbeing and meditationâ ????

Guests can choose their diet – high-carb, high-protein, raw, or normal. “We don’t want to be medical and we don’t want to impose anything,” Zuber said

Siros will not be resorts They will be in cities The first in Montenegro will open in 2023 in Boka Bay, right on the coast of One&Only Portonovi, which opens in April and is the brand’s first European outpost, it was chosen because the good weather offers outdoor exercise all year round The opening is yet another sign that Montenegro is emerging as a new upscale short-haul destination. Aman opened a decade ago with the opening of Sveti Stefan in a 15th-century island fortress In the 19th century, paving the way on 80 hectares of coastal land Tivat Airport is becoming a popular destination for private jets

Zuber believes more urban business and leisure travelers are adding exercise, fitness, and health to their schedule and want to pick up where they left off on their last visit to Siro.Siro offers guests digital classes and routines when they don’t are traveling to tap into the peloton generation

Zuber doesn’t just rely on the Covid effect to get heads to bed The pandemic is accelerating trends that were already working in Siro’s favor The wellness tourism market grew from 563 billion USD to 639 billion USD or 65 percent annually between 2015 and 2017 â ???? More than twice as fast as overall tourism growth, according to the Global Wellness Institute (GWI). By 2022, GWI predicts that the market will reach $ 919 billion USD will reach This corresponds to 18 percent of the total global tourism

Fortunately, since Zuber is French, the last question is very simple. Can I have a glass of wine after a workout? There will be a fantastic bar serving not only low calorie cocktails but great cocktails too. Once you’ve done your sport, you know exactly how much fun you can get who knows? A bottle of Burgundy may not be enoughâ ????

The first Siro Hotel will open in 2023. Rooms from approx £ 288 a night (Sirohotelscom) One&Only Portonovi opens in April and offers rooms from £ 425 a night (oneandonlyresorts) com / portonovi)

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