YANGON, Myanmar (AP) – Kachin guerrillas attacked a police outpost in northern Myanmar early Wednesday on the increasing involvement of ethnic minority forces in the country’s popular movement seeking to overthrow the junta, who took power in February

The action follows a conflict in eastern Myanmar, where Karen guerrillas captured an army outpost on Saturday and Myanmar’s military followed up with air strikes that killed around 10 villagers and drove thousands more across the border into Thailand

Following the air strikes, the Karen National Union issued a statement by one of its armed forces saying that the Myanmar military “must advance ground forces into our territory from all fronts” and possibly react. The KNU is the main political body representing the Karen minority

The conflict in Eastern Myanmar has widened the crisis regionally, as an estimated 3000 Karen sought temporary refuge in neighboring Thailand Thai authorities said only about 200 remained in the country on Wednesday and were preparing to return across the border

Leader of the protest movement against the February military 1 overthrow of the elected government of Aung San Suu Kyi has sought an alliance with armed ethnic minority groups to increase pressure on the junta they want them to be a so-called federal army Counterbalance the government armed forces

It is unclear what progress has been made towards this goal, although some of the key groups – including the Kachin, the Karen and the Arakan Army of the Rakhines in western Myanmar – will have publicly denounced the coup and declared protesters in defend the territory they control

More than a dozen ethnic minorities in Myanmar have been striving for greater autonomy for decades, going through cycles of armed conflict and troubled ceasefire

The Kachin Independence Army, the armed wing of the Kachin Independence Organization, attacked a police station in Shwegu Township, Kachin state Wednesday before dawn. The attackers allegedly confiscated weapons and supplies and wounded a police officer

The Kachin have carried out a number of attacks on government forces since the coup The last round of fighting was triggered by government attacks on four Kachin outposts. After a Kachin attack in mid-March, the military retaliated with a helicopter attack on a Kachin base

In the cities of Myanmar, protests continue against the military takeover, which undone a decade of progress towards democracy in the Southeast Asian country after five decades of army rule

Anti-coup protesters marched through an area of ​​Yangon on Wednesday, despite the fact that the number had fallen in the face of the ever-increasing death toll

At least 521 protesters have been killed since the coup, according to the Myanmar Political Prisoner Relief Society, which counts those it can document and says the actual toll is likely to be much higher, it says, Sept.608 people were arrested, including Suu Kyi

The mainly young protesters were working in the Hlaing suburb of the city and stopped to honor a protester killed in a previous confrontation with security forces

The US. The State Department ordered non-essential U on TuesdayS. Diplomats and their families are leaving Myanmar and expect protests to continue in The US A trade deal was previously suspended, sanctions were imposed on junta leaders, and business with military holding companies was restricted

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