Although exes Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were declared legally unmarried back in 2019, their divorce proceedings continue to rage as they go through an intricate custody battle for their six children earlier this week, when their five-year case came down to one Great shock when Jolie filed new documents accusing Pitt of domestic abuse against her and her children.Now we have learned that her eldest son, Maddox Jolie-Pitt, testified in court and his words suggested a negative relationship between father and Represent son

Pitt and Jolie’s 19-year-old son reportedly testified during the custody battle that a Us Weekly source said Brad was not very flattering to Brad ???? Maddox Jolie-Pitt said he didn’t use the “Pitt” Part of his last name on documents that are illegitimate and planning to change his name to Maddox Jolie.His mother appears to disagree with his ideas to legally remove his father’s name from his last name

Brad Pitt is fighting Angelina Jolie for equal physical and legal custody of his six children News of an ongoing difficult relationship with his eldest son won’t help his case. For some time now, Brad Pitt and Maddox have reportedly been in a relationship, which is classified as “nonexistent” what the Oscar winner of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood apparently called a “tremendous loss “â ????

Maddox Jolie-Pitt was apparently unresponsive to his father for reasons unknown. Back in 2016, Pitt was cleared of child abuse allegations by the Los Angeles Department’s Department of Child and Family Services because of an incident on a U.S plane to Europe with Maddox After a lengthy investigation by the DCFS, it was concluded that there was no inappropriate physical contact between them

The recent development in Pitt and Jolie’s custody battle has Angelina Jolie allege that her ex-husband committed domestic violence within the family, the documents state that she and her children are ready to offer “evidence and authority in support” This could lead Jolie and her children to testify against Brad Pitt in court
However, Pitt’s representative said Angelina Jolie’s domestic abuse allegations are another tactic used to “hurt” Brad Pitt as they attempt to finalize their divorce proceedings. Last year, Jolie rocked the custody battle by asking for one Remove judge from his case as recently linked to Brad Pitt’s legal team. Jolie’s motion was denied last November

Domestic abuse allegations should of course be taken seriously by both parties, whether it is Jolie’s allegations or Pitt’s team and the court that is judging the situation.We are not aware of any allegations that Maddox Jolie-Pitt himself is at this point in time raised against his father, but his recent comments dismissing Brad Pitt’s last name do not speak for him

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