HELSINKI (Reuters) – Finland’s largest video game maker Supercell reported a 7% decline in annual sales Tuesday, which was even marred by intense competition as the COVID-19 pandemic pushed people into the home and the wider gaming sector cranked

Supercell, majority-owned by China’s Tencent Holdings and known for titles such as Clash of Clans, said Brawl Stars, released in 2017 and the newest of its existing games, hit the $ 1 billion mark in gross sales has exceeded the beginning of the year

The company stated that the total number of users has increased year over year However, the increased cost of marketing and the way Supercell records sales and expenses separately resulted in the benefit not being accounted for in the financial statements

“Well over half of the marketing costs arise from investments in the gaming community,” said the chairman of the board, Ilkka Paananen, in a statement

Worldwide video games sales are estimated to have increased 20% to $ 179.7 billion in 2020 according to https: // wwwMarktbeobachtungcom / story / videogames-are-a-bigger-industry-than-sports-and-movies-combined- thanks-to-the-pandemic-11608654990 to IDC data, making the sector a bigger money maker than the global film industry

Supercell and Angry Birds’ rival mobile game maker Rovio have struggled to grow their sales in the face of increased competition from console games

The annual turnover of the last year fell to 1,3 billion euros after almost 1,4 billion euros in the previous year, while earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA) fell by 21% to 407 million euros

In the past two years, Supercell released and retired two games, and now has five actively supported games

Electric vehicle startup Lucid Motors could be getting closer to a Michael Klein-led SPAC deal to bring the California-based company public, according to Reuters The potential development let shares in blank check company Churchill Capital IV (CCIV) Up more than 30% on Tuesday afternoon Shares stopped due to volatility after the news

The blowout rally in Bitcoin (CCC: BTC-USD) continues As I write this, the most famous and valuable cryptocurrency is trading over 47$ 000, a modest drop from an all-time high Thursday morning Source: Shutterstock Bitcoin has roughly tripled since November and is up more than 50% this year And Optimism Makes Sense Businesses in particular are increasingly comfortable with the introduction of Bitcoin BTC saw a big catalyst this week when Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) said it would buy $ 1.5 billion of the crypto electric vehicle giant is following previous users like MicroStrategy (NASDAQ: MSTR) and payment companies Square (NYSE: SQ) and PayPal (NASDAQ : PYPL)InvestorPlace – Stock Market News, Stock Advice & Trading Tips The past four months have continued an incredible rally.Bitcoin was only launched in 2009. It first cleared $ 1 (yes, a dollar) almost exactly a decade ago give or take, BTC has in ten Years 4700000% Appreciated There have been few assets in human history that have shown this kind of appreciation. Simply put, Bitcoin created millionaires, but the rally was not without volatility.In fact, both volatility and crashes were an integral part of the Bitcoin experience Many of these crashes started in similar environments: If everything seemed fine and another uptrend seemed almost guaranteed, this story suggests that another reversal will almost certainly happen that doesn’t mean investors need to rush to get their BTC right away sell, but at least they should be on the alert The History of the Bitcoin Crashes For Skeptics (and I’ll remain one of them), early 2021 looks very much like late 2017, 9 meme stocks that social media won’t shut up about this one Bitcoin was also on the rise on New Years Day 2017 1$ 000 cleared By December it was over 18000 dollars 20$ 000 and more seemed guaranteed to be guaranteed Cryptos of all kinds were rallying First coin offers were all the rage But as good as 2017 was, 2018 was almost as bad in U.S. Dollar, Bitcoin had been halved by February at the end of 2018 it was back below 4$ 000, as an article noted at the time, the drop in 2018 wasn’t the first big drop the cryptocurrency had seen, nowhere near, in 2012, BTC fell 49% twice, with one of the drops being a three-day penalty of 57 Another three-day period the following year saw an incredible 83% drop on Nov. On 19, 2013, BTC lost half of its value. Later that month, it began a stretch of over a year in which it went from 1$ 163 rose to just $ 15240 Even in 2017, a banner year, Bitcoin fell 30% or more five times and then there was the roughly 80% plunge that began towards the end of this year. Admittedly, the volatility has been increasing lately in the Slightly decreased compared to early trading A wider acceptance and investor base should continue this moderation in the future. Despite this, we’ve seen that Bitcoin can move north in a hurry, but it can also move south at about the same pace and has Moving Three Catalysts And there are two catalysts that could trigger another drop in 2021.The first is simply the parabolic profit not just in BTC but across all asset classes.We have seen some stocks go insane, and that includes not just miners like Riot Blockchain (NASDAQ: RIOT) and Marathon Patent (NASDAQ: MARA) It even goes beyond so-called “Reddit stocks” like GameStop (NYSE: GME) and AMC Entertainment (NYSE: AMC) Commodities have taken off.Even in cryptos, DogeCoin, which started as a joke, now has a market cap of $ 9 billion.It’s going to crash elsewhere, be it cryptos, stocks, or commodities, and these crashes can be carried over to Bitcoin Bitcoin and Other “Hot” Assets Have Mutual Ownership Those owners who see losses elsewhere will likely reduce risk by converting BTC to USD There is also the regulatory environment Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen has repeatedly and publicly raised concerns about cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, of course Yellen cannot ban BTC trading and set its value to zero, but it can impact potentially bullish catalysts, such as the long-awaited launch of an exchange-traded fund (which would need to be approved by the U) S. Securities and Exchange Commission) Finally, there is a possibility that Bitcoin itself just went too far, so it’s obvious that at least some of the incremental buyers since December have not been die-hard crypto-followers who believe that Bitcoin can disrupt big financial institutions easy with In modern business parlance, there may be some “weak hands” jumped on board. You are not necessarily the type to take out long term volatility The argument for staying needs to be repeated: these risks do not mean an investor is In fact, for several reasons, an investor may believe that both a) Bitcoin is crashing again, and b) Bitcoin is still worth possession at the moment.First, the crash could still be a long way off – and other benefits could follow In early 2017, an analyst could have correctly predicted that BTC would have been released within a s year would crash A trader, hearing this advice, would still have missed profits of at least 200% plus This rally doesn’t have to end immediately Second, there is one instance where trying to time the crash (assuming it arrives Bitcoin’s history suggests that this is no different.Long-term bulls on Bitcoin (or any other cryptocurrency) can reasonably argue that immense volatility, at least for now, is simply a fact of life But when the long-term bull fall plays out, the ability to overcome this immense volatility will pay off even if there is some short-term pain along the way. Neither is an unreasonable argument, but crypto holders at least need to understand that we’ve been here before were short-term outbursts of optimism, as we almost always see them now, are caused by an order Reversal followed I don’t think this time will be any different, although it remains to be seen how steep this reversal is and at what point it begins. At the time of writing, Vince Martin held positions (neither directly nor indirectly) in any of those mentioned in this article Securities More From InvestorPlace Why Everyone Is Investing In 5G All FALSE Top Stock Pickers Reveal Their Next Potential Winner It doesn’t matter whether you’re making $ 500 or $ 5 million in savings. Do the # 1 game to get Biden’s presidency now To Profit The Bitcoin Post Will Crash The big question is when did they first appear on InvestorPlace

US President Joe Biden was presented with a poison goblet. Less than a month later, he has to decide whether he wants to save a battery factory in Georgia that promises to 2600 jobs and clean electricity for 330Providing, or defending, a foreign company to protect the principle that intellectual property rights are inviolable. For the next decade, SKI was banned from importing components to manufacture EV batteries in the US with the controversial technology

A federal judge said Tuesday that Citigroup Inc was not entitled to get back half a billion dollars of its own money that it mistakenly wired to Revlon Inc’s lenders in what he called “banking flaws of perhaps unprecedented nature and size” U.S. District Judge Jesse Furman in Manhattan said Aug As of 11, 2020, transfers were “definitive and complete transactions that could not be revoked,” Citigroup plans to appeal

GameStop’s volatile ride hits the portfolios of individual investors who bought the stock in a social media frenzy

QuantumScape will release quarterly results for the first time since its trading debut after BorgWarner announced it will buy EV battery maker Akasol

A number of factors come together in the market picture and indicate a possible change in conditions in the medium term These include increased commodity prices, particularly oil prices, which have recovered recently.In addition, the January digit numbers published earlier this month were disappointing at best – and at worst, bleakly they increase the chance that President Biden and Democratic Congress will put a major COVID relief package into action.These factors are likely pulling in different directions The rise in oil prices suggests an impending supply shortage, while the possibility of further incentives for cash is a good sign for fans of market liquidity but these developments point to a possible price reflationary climate with this in mind, some investors are looking for ways to rebuild and defend their portfolios and that will bring us to dividends D By providing a steady stream of income regardless of market conditions, a reliable dividend stock provides a pad for your investment portfolio when the stock ceases to appreciate so we opened the TipRanks database and got the details on two high-yielding stocks – at least 7% Even better, these stocks are viewed as strong buys by Wall Street analysts. Let’s find out why Williams Companies (WMB) The first stock we’ll look at is Williams Companies, an Oklahoma Williams-based natural gas processing company controls pipelines for natural gas, natural gas liquids and oil collection in a network that stretches from the Pacific Northwest over the Rocky Mountains to the Gulf Coast and over the south to the mid-Atlantic. Williams’ core business is the processing and transportation of natural gas, with the production of crude oil and energy is secondary.The company’s footprint is huge – it processes nearly a third of all natural gas consumption in the US, both residential and commercial.Williams will release its fourth quarter results later this month – a look at the results of the Third quarter, however, is informative The company Hmen reported $ 1.93 billion at the top, 35% year-over-year but up 84% quarter-on-quarter and the highest quarterly revenue ever released for 2020. Net income was unchanged from the second quarter at 25 cents per share, but rose 38% year-over-year report was widely viewed as meeting or exceeding expectations, and the stock rose 7% in the two weeks following its release, in a move that could indicate solid fourth-quarter results stated Company its next dividend, which will be released on Jan. The payment of 41 cents per common share is up 2.5% quarter over quarter and annualized to $ 1.564 At this rate, the dividend is 71% Williams has a 4 year history of dividend growth and maintenance and typically increases payment in first quarter of the year The 5-star analyst TJ Schultz reported on the stock of RBC: “We believe that Williams can reach the lower end of its EBITDA forecast for 2020. Although we assume that short-term growth in the northeast will weaken However, we believe WMB should benefit from less than previously anticipated Permian gas due to our long-term perspective, we estimate Williams can comfortably stay within investment grade credit metrics and keep the dividend intact during our forecast period for this purpose Schultz rates WMB as outperform (ie buy), and his target price of 26 USD deu Indicates a move up 13% over the next 12 months (To see Schultz’s track record, click hereWith 8 recent valuations, including 7 buys and just 1 hold, WMB has received the consensus rating for analysts from Strong Buy.While the stock has risen at $ 23 in the past few months, the average price target is at $ 2571 implies it is in this one There is still room for ~ 12% growth in the year (see WMB stock analysis on TipRanks) AGNC Investment (AGNC) Next up is AGNC Investment, a real estate investment trust. It is no surprise to find a REIT as dividend champion These companies are tax code required to return a high percentage of profits directly to shareholders and often use dividends as a means of compliance. AGNC, based in Maryland, focuses on MBS (Mortgage-Backed Securities) with the support and guarantees of the U.S. Government These securities account for approximately two-thirds of the company’s total portfolio, or $ 651 billion out of $ 979 billion total AGNC’s latest quarterly returns for the fourth quarter of 20 showed net sales of $ 459 million and net earnings per share of $ 1 Dollar37 EPS was the strongest year-over-year for 2020 For the full year, AGNC reported $ 1.68 billion in total sales and $ 156 per share paid in dividends The current dividend of 12 cents per common share paid monthly is annualized at $ 144; The difference from last year’s higher annual rate is due to a dividend cut that was implemented in April in response to the coronavirus crisis.At the current price, the dividend offers investors a robust 88% yield and is easily affordable for the company given the current income AGNC’s bulls include Maxim analyst Michael Diana, who wrote, “AGNC has maintained a competitive return on book value compared to other mortgage REITs (mREITS) despite outperforming its dividend and stock repurchased during the turmoil on the Mortgage markets led to losses and lower book values ​​for all mortgage REITs at the end of March, AGNC was able to fulfill all margin calls and, importantly, accept relatively fewer realized losses and thus retain more profitability after the purchase Based on all of these points, Diana rates AGNC with a Buy and a target price of $ 18 This figure implies an upside potential of ~ 10% from current levels (To view Diana’s track record, click here) Wall Street is on the same side. In the past few months, AGNC has received 7 buys and a single hold – all combined makes for a strong buy consensus rating. However, the $ 16 average target price of 69 suggests the stocks remain tied to the bandwidth for the foreseeable future (see AGNC stock analysis on TipRanks) To find great ideas for trading dividend stocks at attractive valuations, visit TipRanks ‘Best Stocks to Buy, a newly launched tool that brings together all of the insights into TipRanks’ stocks Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the Featured Analysts Content is intended for informational purposes only. It is very important that you do your own research before making any investment

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Luxury electric vehicle maker Lucid Motors Inc is poised to go public, valued at approximately $ 12 billion, after veteran dealmaker Michael Klein’s blank check acquisition firm launched a financing effort in support of the transaction familiar with the matter is said on Tuesday the merger between Lucid and Klein’s Churchill Capital IV Corp would be the largest in a series of deals by electric vehicle makers such as Nikola Corp and Fisker Inc that went public through the combination with Special Purpose Acquisition Companies (SPACs) Churchill Capital IV has entered into discussions with investors to raise more than $ 1 billion for the Lucid deal through the sale of interests in a private investment in public equity (PIPE) transaction

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Palantir reported fourth quarter earnings and sales that beat estimates, with Palantir stock falling at the start of trading as its full-year 2021 sales forecast was slightly below expectations

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Stocks of Socket Mobile Inc exploded 2519% on very high volume towards a more than 13 year high on Tuesday morning trading to accelerate all winners to Major US Exchange after the mobile data capture company announced its new DuraSled offering, which is a barcode scanner for Apple Inc. tradingiPhone 12s trading volume rose to more than 75 million shares, compared to the daily average of around 256 for the last 30 days000 shares The company said employers can now support workers using the iPhone 12 series of cellphones “The DuraSled turns your iPhone into a one-handed solution that combines the versatility of the iPhone and the performance of a business scanner,” said Vanessa Lindsay, Senior Product Manager at SocketMobile latest data showed that short interest as a percentage of public free float was 0.9%, the stock, trading at its highest level since October 2007, is up 373% over the past three months during the S&P 500 8 has won 9%

See who belongs to Veeva, Logitech, LULU from the investment strategy of Berkshire Hathaway CEO on this Warren Buffett stock screen

Tesla fell towards important levels of support as it reportedly plans to build a plant in India to be among the first to enter this emerging market for electric vehicles

(Bloomberg) – Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen is giving Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell a headache in managing money markets, short-term interest rates that are already low will continue to fall, possibly below zero, after the Treasury Department announced plans to reduce cash levels earlier this month that it amassed last year at the Fed to reduce the pandemic and the deep recession it caused, the move aimed at bringing the central bank’s cash position back to more normal levels is turning the financial system into liquidity Flood and Powell’s Efforts to Keep Money Market Rates Under Control “All of this money from the Treasury’s general account has to flow back into the market from the Fed,” said Manmohan Singh, chief economist at the International Monetary Fund. “It gets as far as short-term rates possible while the Fed is lowering its key rate day by day es money to near zero to support the pandemic-caused economy, a decline in short-term market rates into negative territory could prove disruptive, especially for money market funds that invest in short-term government bonds, and banks can also come under pressure if they do Forced To Hold Large Unwanted Cash With The Central Bank The Treasury Department’s decision, announced in its quarterly refund announcement, will contribute to what Credit Suisse Group AG analyst Zoltan Pozsar calls a “tsunami” of reserves to ushering in the Fed’s financial system and balance sheet, combined with the Fed’s asset purchases, reserves could rise from an already high $ 3 trillion to around $ 5 trillion by the end of June at the Fed n, which works like the government checking account, when the recipients deposit the money at their bank, the bank presents the check to the Fed, which debits the Treasury’s account and credits the bank’s Fed account, also known as the dollar pressure market Professionals try to analyze the impact of a potentially unprecedented surge in liquidity Some predict downward pressure on the dollar Others predict brisk stock and bond prices Still others see it mostly as a non-event – except when it comes to money markets than former Fed chair Yellen for Treasury Secretary, many analysts saw a very close connection between their department and the central bank, but given the institutional needs of any organization, there are limits to how far this can go in preparing to keep the central bank’s cash supply from around a gigantic US by the end of June -Dollars Now, $ 6 trillion, Treasury Department is merely reverting to a more normal mode. “The Treasury Department had just postponed reckoning for the Fed,” said Lou Crandall, chief economist at Wrightson ICAP LLC, most Fed officials are believes that they have the tools to deal with increasing reserves, as stated in their Nov. stating 4-5 meetings, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have to make tough decisions about the Fed’s rate instruments, bank leverage rules, and possibly even asset purchases. To provide a floor to the money markets, the central bank could optimize the Interest rate on excess reserves that banks parked with the Fed and their reverse repurchase agreements of 10 basis points and Raise Zero The Fed Has Adjusted These Managed Interest Rates Earlier “If the Fed decides that the overnight rates should deviate from zero, I believe the most effective approach would be to raise these two rates together,” said former New York Fed official Brian Sack, who is now Director of Global Economics for D E. Shaw & CoHowever, that decision, which could be made at next month’s policy-making meeting, would be made if officials tried to convince markets they weren’t going to reduce support to the economy, while a rate hike would be portrayed as a technical adjustment, there is a risk that investors will not see it that way “I’m not sure how well the market will digest this,” said Tom Porcelli, chief executive U.S. Economist at RBC Capital Markets in New York “It could be complicated” What to do about the additional leverage ratio that the Fed and other regulators are imposing on banks is also difficult To ease market stresses in March, the Fed has stocks of banks on government bonds and reserves are temporarily excluded from the calculation of the ratio March off, just as banks’ cash balances at the central bank will grow Fed policymakers say they don’t want the bailout, which has been in place for about a year, to be permanent if they choose to temporarily expand it They seek the approval of decision-makers appointed by President Joe Biden who may be less inclined to go along with Leverage Restrictions If the exemption instead expires, banks may run the risk of running into the leverage restrictions, particularly because they are required to hold ever more reserves, economists themselves are disagree on how disruptive that would be Jefferies LLC economist Tom Simons said banks haven’t taken advantage of the foreclosure as much as expected, so a reset shouldn’t have a material impact, “It’s going to be a band-aid that will have to be ripped off at some point “he said” Yes Now is probably a good time to see others see a potential decline in the bond market if the rule falls back when banks sell government bonds to meet leverage restrictions and make room on their balance sheets for the increasing number of reserves they need to hold. “The concern is that this would further undermine banks’ willingness to create government bond markets, hold government bonds and extend repo funding so others can hold government bonds, “said former Fed official Bill Nelson, now chief economist at the Bank Policy Institute, who represents The industry at its November meeting, Fed officials discussed another way to deal with the expansion of reserves: adjusting their asset purchase program, but economists see this as a last resort as investors are sensitive to changes on this front The imminent rise in the R Reserving when the government restricts its cash stacks will create a flood of liquidity already in the system from the Fed’s ongoing bond purchase. “This will turn the money markets on the money markets because of the dramatic increase in the Fed’s portfolio,” CrandallFür said For more articles like this, please join us on BloombergcomSubscribe now to stay ahead of the game with the most trusted business news source © 2021 Bloomberg LP

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