Alli Sims has not spoken to her cousin Britney Spears since she said Spears’ father threatened her more than a decade ago

In January 2008 while James “Jamie” Spears was seeking control of his daughter’s affairs, Sims said she received a phone call warning her that if she didn’t stop, something would happen to her Communicate pop icon

“He threatened me 100 percent with my life,” said Sims, who quit her job with celebrity event planner Mindy Weiss to move in as a paid assistant at Spears in 2007. “I couldn’t get past him, so I didn’t answer their calls again”

The conservatory, which has confined Spears to the control of her father and a handful of attorneys for 13 years, is the subject of “Framing Britney Spears,” a New York Times documentary that follows her rise to fame and media pressure that is often blamed for its public collapse in 2007

“How do you watch this documentary and be there and live in it and say nothing when it takes so long?” Sims told NBC News in their first interview in more than a decade

The ongoing legal battle between Spears and her father has sparked a resurgence of the #FreeBritney movement, which began on social media and raised awareness of potential civil rights violations in law conservatories

It also turned the conversation about Spears’ legacy from tabloid fodder into a collective reckoning of the public’s complicity in her demise, which Sims witnessed at Spears the year before the Conservatory went into effect

Some people who were part of Spears’ past when she rose to fame are now struggling with their own responsibility in the events that contributed to her demise, turning them into legal battles for control of their personal and financial Matters has led

In a public apology to Spears and Janet Jackson posted on Instagram Friday, Spears’ high-profile ex-boyfriend Justin Timberlake described the entertainment industry as “flawed” and admitted that he personally “benefited from a system that tolerates misogyny and racism ” and is geared towards positioning privileged white men for success

“As a man in a privileged position, I have to talk about this,” he wrote in the post after largely remaining silent for years during Spears’ mental health struggles and harsh treatment,

“Wow,” said Sims on Friday after hearing about the post, “You know everyone makes mistakes and they weren’t perfect”

Timberlake once bragged about sleeping with the singer and kicked off his solo career on an album that cast him as a romantic and Spears as a cheater, and Late Night Hosts impaled Spears in their monologues

“Falling everything into her lap and blaming her for everything just wasn’t right,” Sims said

Even 13 years away from the scenes played in the documentary, which she called “accurate,” Sims said the experience still affects her

The fear of misrepresentation that Sims felt at the time alongside one of the world’s greatest celebrities also put them under scrutiny and contributed to their reluctance to speak publicly for so long

Sims acknowledged how the visuals of some of the situations the couple found themselves might have been perceived, but said she disapproves of the popular narrative in the media that shamed women for enjoying that attention >

“Just because I smiled in a photo walking through a driveway doesn’t mean I wanted the attention,” Sims said. “I would have much preferred to have been able to drive around town without that someone would have bothered us ”

Mundane activities like having a coffee at Starbucks or collecting groceries put Sims in increasingly dangerous situations

The extremes Sims and Spears took from media attention left the couple in aggressive chases through the streets of Los Angeles or even in Spears’ own backyard, where helicopters were sometimes a fixture, with Spears with everyone To pursue movement outnumber, Sims said

“There are so many of them,” she said of the paparazzi, “You are completely surrounded by them. You are at their mercy”

Sims had some of the most traumatic scenes alongside Spears, including the 2007 Night which captured some of the most indelible images of the singer hitting a paparazzi’s vehicle with an umbrella handle

Though Sims said she doesn’t miss the everyday madness when Spears was haunted by the media, she misses their friendship

“Do I miss them as a person and think about them all the time? Yes, “she said,” She’s still everywhere You can’t help but think about her every day “

Sims Said She Was Unsure What To Do To Help Spears Pre-Conservatory In January 2008, when Spears was undergoing two involuntary psychiatric exams, Sims said Spears sometimes got her over the phones from random people reached when theirs were taken away to ask for help

“The situation was way over my head at this point and her father and other people were involved,” she said

“I really believe that (Jamie) would have done something if I hadn’t stepped away from the situation,” Sims said

Sims said she felt “a lot of guilt,” adding that she had received numerous calls from her cousin that she failed to answer after Jamie Spears allegedly threatened to stay away

“When I think about how long she had to endure this and it’s 13 years it just makes me so sad for her I really hope that one day she can tell her story if she wants to. If so, do it Get ready, because there is more to this story than I can safely imagine ”

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