Courtney Love’s acting career took off after she was asked for her appearance on The People vs. Larry Flynt, but she suddenly retired from acting and recently revealed exactly why

Like many women in Hollywood, Love shared that she had been subjected to sexual harassment, which inspired her to quit acting altogether if the harassment didn’t stop “Love revealed her experience on Instagram and showed how much she did it.” loved to act But she felt she had no choice but to walk away

Love described acting as “fun as hell.” And because of Milos Forman, I was a professional actress and movie starShe was widely recognized for her role as Althea Leasure, a bisexual stripper in The People vs. Larry Flynt

“Love brings the cunning and unpredictable energy of its public image to the role,” says AV Club

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“But love is the revelation here as it delivers an impulsive, nakedly emotional, mercury twist that brings the central romance alive when it’s on screen,” reported Variety. “She’s a natural who loves cameras she and she manage to express Althea’s key components courage, insecurity, emotional loyalty and love for life ”

Love said on her Instagram post that she was happy, “I was nominated for best actress for a Golden Globe,” she wrote, “One day I could talk about it, I love acting”

But then Love revealed that she was molested “I stopped being able to do this after a few #metoos,” she continued “Nobody would believe me and it wouldn’t stop So I went and it went And I’m good with it. Maybe I’ll be stronger in my next life if & can take it. I’ll tip my hat on those who can ”

The description of the moment by love showed how much she missed acting. “It was great fun,” she mused. “Here I am at @goldenglobes in a simple, dark blue chiffon dress, the woman @ sharonstone got me off borrowed from her closet (the GOWN closet #properdiva), it’s @maisonvalentino ”

Actor Sharon Stone also gave Love some advice “You’re acting too hip,” said Love of the conversation with Stone, “‘Don’t be cool, fuck that you’re a great actress Stand up! Be proud of your work! Be a movie star ‘”

She added, “What if Sharon Stone offers you film star classes? You take it But I sure miss acting sometimes To the tune of a great director One of the greatest experiences a woman can have, I think All the glamor that comes after is funny, extravagant, beautiful! But the confidence you can get with a great director? It’s one of the most profound things I’ve ever known ”

Love also dispelled a rumor that she was banned from the Creative Artists Agency (CAA) because of Harvey Weinstein. “That’s a lie,” she added, “It’s nonsense that Sam Lutfi tweeted when I was when he was Has run my social media (and my life) embarrassingly / insanely destructive and for another day) he had beef-hot with a partner at CAA who probably doesn’t even know who he is ”

Courtney Love

World News – FI – Courtney Love reveals she stopped playing “After a bunch of #Metoos” and “Nobody would believe me and it wouldn’t stop”