Kurt Cobain’s widow and successful retired musician, Courtney Love, recently posted a photo on her Instagram account reminding herself of the magical day she had married the love of her life to Kurt Cobain on the beach from Waikiki to less than ten people

Courtney Love is without a doubt one of the most recognizable characters on the alternative and grunge scene of the 90s and she is best known for her successful career as the front woman of the alternative rock band Hole Cobain known

The couple officially met on Jan. January 1990 in Portland, Oregon, but apparently Courtney had a crush on Kurt a year earlier after seeing him perform with Nirvana.Although Kurt initially tried to stay away from Courtney because he wasn’t ready for a committed relationship, Kurt was able to get her not long resist

Shortly after making their relationship official, the couple married on Jan. February 1992 at Waikiki Beach Hawai It was an extraordinary ceremony, to say the least, when Kurt wore his pajamas and Courtney dressed in a white lace and satin dress by the time of the wedding, Courtney was already pregnant with her daughter Frances and there were only eight guests in attendance the wedding

On her last Instagram post, she remembered the special day she married that one boy “The photo Courtney posted was of the snow globe that appeared to be on top of her wedding cake in the snow globe there is a bride and groom cutting the wedding cake, which must have been funny during the cake ceremony

“Kurt Cobain Nirvana This snow globe for the bride and groom was on Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love’s wedding cake when they were married on April 4th February 1992 married ”

Kurt Cobain

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