Petr Kellner, the richest person in the Czech Republic with net worth over $ 13 billion, died in a helicopter crash in Alaska at the age of 56, his spokeswoman said on Monday

Meticulous privacy protection, waiter owned the finance, telecommunications, engineering, and insurance PPF group, the 94th worldwide000 employees

“It is with great regret that we announce that the founder and majority shareholder of the PPF Group, Mr. Petr Kellner, was tragically killed in a helicopter crash in the Alaska Range on Saturday,” said the spokeswoman for the PPF group , Jitka Tkadlecova, opposite AFP

“The causes of the accident that killed a total of five people are being investigated,” she added

Forbes magazine put Kellner’s fortune in 2020 at 293 billion Czech crowns (112 billion euros, 13 US dollars2 trillion)

Kellner, who started selling photocopiers, founded the PPF Group in 1991, two years after the fall of communism in the former Czechoslovakia

The group with global assets of 44 billion euros includes Home Credit International, the world’s largest non-bank consumer lender with extensive activities in the Chinese market

PPF recently acquired the CME media group, which operates TV companies in Central and Eastern Europe, and Telenor’s telecommunications equipment in the Balkans

Kellner’s daughter Anna Kellnerova is a two-time Czech junior show jumping champion with the aim of performing at the Olympic Games in Tokyo this summer

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Petr Kellner

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