8th December 2020; Baltimore, Maryland, USA; Dallas Cowboys recipient Amari Cooper (19) celebrates with quarterback Andy Dalton (14) after scoring a fourth quarter touchdown against the Baltimore Ravens at M&T Bank Stadium Mandatory Credit: Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

It’s the 7th February and the Dallas Cowboys are on the Chief’s 16-yard line with 8 seconds on the clock, and the Cowboys are 20-17 Cowboys QB Andy Dalton gets ready to take the all-important snap on a successful ride and they win it all failed attempt and it’s the Chiefs who win their second Super Bowl in a row

Dalton takes the snapshot and forges it before Elliot, who pulls a few players away. The former Bengals QB then looks to his left for Amari Cooper, who is wide open in the chief’s end zone. Now when the bag collapses, Dalton makes the throw , Cooper leaps, towering over the safety of Chiefs Tyrant Mathieu, who tries to intercept Cooper collects the ball and holds it in place as it lands on the ground! The cowboys win the Super Bowl LV!

Wait a minute before we let the Tampa cowboys indulge in blue and white confetti Let’s take a look at how the American team brave the odds and made a man who bet on it became a Super Bowl champion in the middle of the regular tournament season a millionaire and made it to the top of the National Football League

In a competitive match against rivals New York Giants Division, the Cowboys scored a convincing 30-17 win as Giants QB Daniel Jones continued to struggle with his injuries, but the win alone would not be enough to give the Cowboys a playoff spot The Cowboys watched the final game of the regular season with bated breath as the Washington Football team took on the Philly Eagles. The Cowboys needed a favor from the Eagles to kick off the postseason with a 7-9 record, and they got it when Jalen Hurts sealed a win for the Eagles with a Philly Special The Cowboys were the NFC East Champions and Twitter went mad

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The Cowboys still had a long way to go.No one entered the playoffs as 4th Starting place of the NFC and the only team with a record loss He didn’t expect them to make a deep playoff run, and it seemed like an insurmountable task facing Tom Brady’s Buccaneers in the first round of playoffs

But the Cowboys held out and sank Brady’s privateer at the AT&T Stadium, despite the odds, as the Bucs struggled to get their running game going after the Wild Card run with the Green Bay Packers in the Divisional Round at Lambeau Field was completed

In almost freezing conditions, the Cowboys competed against Super Bowl favorites under the leadership of Aaron Rodgers. The Packers took their first points on the board with their first ride of the game. It looked like a win and a bust for the Cowboys But in that game, Ezekiel Elliot announced his return to the big stage with a game-winning 3-touchdown performance, the Cowboys did the unthinkable Beat Rodgers at home in the playoffs Suddenly, the Super Bowl no longer looked like a distant reality that the Cowboys had one last challenge to master on the way to the greatest stage of all. And that challenge was the New Orleans Saints in the finals of the NFC conference

It took all the momentum in the world for the cowboys to keep the New Orleans squad from marching into the Super Bowl, and as you’ve guessed it by now, the second year Tony Pollard ran back with Elliot came along there was riot on the Dallas field and a last-minute 40-yard field goal conversion by Greg Zuerlein was enough to score a hard-fought 26:25 win over the Saints

Yeah, all of this could very well happen, but the chances of these events going down are less than with Aaron Rodgers triggering 5 interceptions in one game The Cowboys have a ridiculously tough road to Super Bowl One if they make it , Will Be the Biggest Super Bowl Run in NFL History While a post-season seat is still available, the Dallas Cowboys are unlikely to win a single game in the playoffs, let alone a Super Bowl

But hey, on the other hand, nothing can be ruled out. For cowboys fans you could quote Pete from the ancient classic “Rudy”: “Well, you know what my father always said: Having dreams makes life bearable”


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