Do you remember all those parades? All that bragging? All of that Boston pride owed the fact that our teams were just better than everyone else?

Well, at this hour we only have one team with a winning record and that’s the Bruins, the Red Sox and Patriots officially became losers in 2020, and now the Celtics have lost four out of five, ten out of 15 and gone under in 2021 500, hardly better than the Knicks

, who are forever dying

We’re running out of patience with the Greens team. They just aren’t as good as they think They have some nice players in Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown, but Brad Stevens is looking increasingly overrated and Danny Ainge has one in 18 years Mastery produced

The Globe’s Gary Washburn wrote on Monday that the team is apparently taking their coach outâ ????

“Sure!” he said we don’t play with the passion we need I think it’s up to the players and the players on the team are with me

There are things I could have done better, but I won’t name any names, I’ll take that responsibility. This is a team that was put together by me and we don’t play with enough consistency and urgency, and it’s mine Task of figuring out what we can do to improve the team, but that It is always much harder than improving from the insideâ ????

“Just changing faces doesn’t always change things” Ainge said: “But it may have to come to that”a ????

Oooh There’s something! The NBA trading period ends on Jan. March Is it possible that the always patient Ainge is fed up and doing something great? He has until the next off-season to take advantage of the $ 28 million trade exception they acquired as part of the Gordon Hayward Sign-and-Trade

“There is definitely no time to panic,” Ainge warned. But there is always a time to think. My job is to think after each game about where we are and where our team is and how much better they can get I know our team is better than they play and I am confident they will play better

???? I don’t judge all of my players, but I do see that there is a lack of consistent urgency and part of that is our success. We started 8-3 and we have a lot of young people and we have a lot of people who did three times on Have attended conference finals I think sometimes you don’t realize how hard it is to win every nightâ ????

That’s an abbreviation for Some of these guys are overrated when they look in the mirrorâ ????

After Sunday’s embarrassing blowout against Washington, the Eastern Conference’s worst team, Brown said, “What if you let it get to a ‘low’?” ? Mentality, then that’s what it will beâ ????

“I don’t think it’s a low point because we’re not healthy, we don’t play well, and we” are you young? said Ainge, a former NBA coach, the low point would be if we expected to win a playoff series and lose to a team we should beat that would be a low point

“I’ve seen too many bad sections of regular basketball to consider this low point”But after we said that, we’ve been playing very, very badly and inconsistently over the last few weeks and not with enough urgency

â ???? ‘I know these players very well I’ve seen them play at a young age We don’t play well at the moment and unfortunately every player is individually imperfect and I don’t think this has anything to do with coaching

“When teams are not playing well” each player has their own idea of ​​what someone else should do better. It is very refreshing to hear some of the players not all players ???? say, “I have to be better”I have to play harder, I have to be better prepared ???? â ????

“I like the fact that the fans are not patient,” he said we need more urgency, I like it when players come to realize that our fans hold our players and all of us highly accountable

“In order to wear this uniform, there is a lot behind it”People shoot you for the success you’ve had, and part of that is you have to go out and perform and live up to expectations

â ???? I have to be patient to see what a big picture is from our next five games It’s not easy to really have some recognition What matters most is seeing the big picture What matters most to the players is that they win the next game

“I’m not that result-oriented in the regular season”I’m more about the process of what we can do because of the schedule and because of injuries and lots of excuses you can come up with, going through bad regular season stretches, but right now we have the pattern, not the one Urgency to compete that we need It’s that simple –

Dan Shaughnessy is a Globe columnist He can be reached on Danielshaughnessy @ globuscom Follow him on Twitter @dan_shaughnessy


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