At least eight people were injured in a stab in the Swedish Vetlanda, the Swedish police announced on Wednesday, what they consider a “terrorist” attack

The attack occurred in central Vetlanda, a small community in southern Sweden, whereupon the Swedish police shot and arrested a young man suspected of being the attacker

According to the Swedish SVT, the police were called to the Bangårdsgatan area of ​​Vetlanda around 3 p.m. The callers informed the authorities that several people had been attacked with an ax

Police refused to divulge the type of weapon used in the stabbing attack, arguing that they did not want to interfere with testimony Yahoo! News reported citing the TT news agency

In addition, the train service to Vetlanda, about 275 kilometers southwest of Stockholm, was temporarily suspended because of the stabbing attack


World news – FI – Eight are injured in a suspected stabbing attack on terrorists in Vetlanda, Sweden