Elden Ring does indeed exist, and now we know for sure because about two minutes of an old trailer leaked off-screen Low resolution chunks I’ve seen the footage and it sure looks like a FromSoft game Dragons, Swords, Dodge Rollers – it’s Dark Souls 4, but you can ride, and that’s all we ever really wanted

The footage is really terrible Not the game itself, just the quality It looks like someone filmed it on the Motorola Razr I used in high school, it’s less of a leaked trailer than a collection of colors who have favourited charades If you haven’t seen it, stop just wait for the real deal – this is likely an internal work-in-progress from months ago But if you’re one of those dedicated, self-appointed voids looking for a molecule Thirsting for information about Elden Ring, you’ve seen it 100 times and you likely feel two ways: excited or empty

I expected extreme reactions. FromSoftware has some of the most dedicated fans in games. Their cryptic folklore and their dangerous worlds invite closer inspection and interpretation. They are built to be frustrating, but also to be invisible to the player bring, endure, and overcome These moments of triumph are some of the best feelings video games can give us, so it’s no wonder that FromSoftware’s base has reached Half-Life 3’s desperation in two years rather than a decade. p>

The initial wave of reactions to the Elden Ring subreddit was invariably positive. Finally, let’s take a look at The Thing! We have the expected onslaught of ‘OOOOoooOOOoooH’ posts and Humanity Restored memes, and some excitement over some creepy bosses, some huge scenes, horse fights, and what looks like a stealth system

However, it’s not all memes and OooOOoooHs There are many disappointments and concerns about the internet, mostly buried by enthusiasts I understand, being excited feels good, but let’s not forget how sure about so many about Cyberpunk 2077 were before it came out, even after pre-release reviews like my own said it was in harsh condition Granted, CD Projekt damned yet marketed cyberpunk, while From took a much more reluctant approach to this footage, it wasn’t for public consumption determined, nor is it necessarily representative of the final game. There is no context at all for what we see

But I do not blame anyone that Elden Ring is at least optically safe. A common refrain was that a new fantasy world was created with the help of George R. Martin shouldn’t look so familiar, not only in terms of his relationship with Dark Souls but also with fantasy tropes in general dragons, skeletons, pointy wizard hats? Do I already know? I wonder if the horse can avoid rolling

If you want to stay tuned, here’s some homework: a meticulously detailed history of the Elden Ring subreddit, highlighting all of the cultural changes big and small, including the subcategories of popular meme formats

Now we’re waiting for a real trailer that is supposed to be out sometime in March (although Xbox has already said it wasn’t theirs) And then we wait for the game to come out Elden Ringers went through some major changes overnight, from asking if Elden Ring exists to getting an actual timeline out of the abyss, which is why I feel the most crap vibes: The disappointment might be less with Elden Ring himself than with what he caused

Elden Ring’s prolonged sojourn in purgatory was probably better for its hopeful players than it would have been a trickle of evidence. Elden Ring fans aren’t really Elden Ring fans

They are fans of the idea of ​​Elden Ring: the promise of somber existential themes associated with challenging play, and the catharsis of overcoming those obstacles despite the hopelessness that cuts through everything.You really just want to feel and know yourself able that it will be okay, despite all the empty castles (climate change) and giant monsters (also climate change) that point to something else

Without this collective desperation, Reddit user Stray_Demon would not have drawn over 230 original pieces of his own imaginary Elden Ring art and promised to create a new one for every day that no gameplay trailer is shown, technically the rule applies still, and although Stray_Demons has slowed down his pace his enthusiasm has not – just look at his first work versus the latest that is a real artistic development he has been without the information vacuum since Nov. June 2019 no longer would have

Without From’s superfans scratching the sky, we wouldn’t have a bunch of memes about the moon. Here’s a favorite of mine that was posted hours before the trailer leaked

Some wrestlers were so excited about the idea of ​​Elden Ring that they decided to just make their own game, I wish I had loved it all so much that it encouraged me to take up a whole new profession and practice on Always more game developers will have to be silent for years. We will have whole movements of indie game designers and artists created on demand

Now that the footage has leaked, the snake is eating its tail, and ringers are already nostalgic for losing future nostalgia. A ring indeed

This leaked footage has everyone’s a little bit confused at the moment, even overwhelmed by the Internet inviting us to sit by social media campfires that never die, comforting weary travelers with news and folklore on everything from stock markets to video games that are eternal Campfires ensure that culture grows beyond the thing itself over time Elden Ring didn’t take long to grow out of a single pendant Before the leak, Elden Ring was art, humor, and hope shaped by longing. Suddenly, God (a cool dragon) in 240p and all of those fantasies we’ve seen in the flames for the past two years are taking on a familiar form

It’s no surprise that some people struggle with feelings of loss and disappointment. Elden Ring is now a video game, one thing we rate on a scale, one thing we can finish, I’m glad to know that it’s tangible I love From Software’s games But I’ll miss the lingering hysteria, and I’ll miss the time when I really couldn’t even imagine it. Sure, loved to try, but

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Elden Ring

World News – FI – Elden Ring fans no longer have the opportunity to spread false lore, art and despair

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