Posted: 22:31 GMT, Dec. December 2020 | Updated: 22:43 GMT, Dec. December 2020

Carlo Ancelotti has announced that Everton plans to make Robin Olsen’s loan permanent – possibly in January – which would make Jordan Pickford’s number 1 position increasingly uncertain

He was specifically selected for the Carabao Cup quarter-finals against Manchester United – the biggest game of Everton’s season so far

“We’re happy to have him here,” Ancelotti said before the clash with West Ham

“He’s an experienced goalkeeper I think we will speak to him and his agent to find a solution to keep him here permanently. It may be for January or June

“He did the games he played well. He felt good, he was calm, he was calm I think he also supports Jordan well”

Ancelotti believes holding Olsen can spur Pickford to new heights and add depth to his squad

Everton will also look to add new faces in the January window, as reported by Sportsmail, they are interested in Juventus midfielder Sami Khedira, who announced yesterday that he wanted a move to the Premier League

But Ancelotti knows that even new signings this month won’t guarantee fourth-placed Everton a place in the Champions League

“To be in the top four it depends on the quality that we can show in the second part of the season It also means we try to avoid injuries. We had important players – (Lucas) Digne, Allan, Richarlison

‘If we can recover these players well, the squad is good enough to be in a European position’

He added: “We’re excited to be there, but that doesn’t mean we’re on the same level as these top teams”’

David Moyes is returning tonight to Goodison Park with West Ham who has played twice since Everton’s last game

The Toffees clash with Manchester City earlier this week was canceled after a coronavirus outbreak on Pep Guardiola’s roster

“We understand and will in no way moan about any of the games because that is the game,” said Moyes

“They didn’t abandon the games when me and two players got Covid This time around they decided they are going to

‘I thought you had to have 14 players (out) The original point was saying that you would go to your academy and get the players So I don’t know if these rules have changed, if they are different or different situations

‘I’m not privy to the club, so I can’t really comment on it, but I can only tell you the rules that we were made aware of at the beginning’

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