A screenshot intended to show a tweet by US President Donald Trump who mistook Argentine football legend Diego Maradona for singer Madonna and tweeting condolences the latter is wrong

The fake tweet is shared after Maradona died of a heart attack at the age of 60 on Wednesday, leaving fans around the world in shock and grief

The viral screenshot of the Trump tweet reads, “Very saddened by the death of Maradona. A great person. Your music was wonderful. I remember listening to your albums in the early 1980s. Rest in peace!”

What a shitty president confuses Madonna (singer) and Diego Maradona, the football legend Trump is an idiot BildTwittercom / 5I0l0AbiPw

Columnist and writer Shobhaa De also posted the viral screenshot on Instagram, but made no direct claim

BOOM noted that the viral tweet screenshot is fake and US President Donald Trump has not been confused between Maradona and Madonna.We have no such tweet from Trump’s Twitter timeline or even a condolence tweet from at the time of this writing found him at Maradona’s death

There were no tweet archives for such a tweet from Trump on archival sites that archive what the president tweeted (here here) Check out Trump’s Twitter timeline here

We noticed some inconsistencies in the viral screenshot showing that it was a fake tweet The alignment of the profile picture with the tweet text (the text) did not match the actual format of Twitter, as can be seen below , in the viral tweet, the profile picture extends to the left and not in a straight line with the body of text, unlike the screenshot on the right where the image and body of text are in a straight line

In the viral screenshot after Trump’s name, the handle name has dots after the @, while on Twitter after the @ part of the handle name is displayed and then there are dots

Finally, the fake screenshot shows that the tweet was roughly 262000 answers and 230000 retweets However, there are no other screenshots of this supposed tweet and no reporting of such a mistake by Trump

If Trump had tweeted this, it would have been reported by multiple media outlets and reported on Twitter by journalists covering the president However, we did not find any credible news reports about it

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World news – FI – Fake Tweet Alert: Donald Trump did not confuse Maradona with Madonna

Source: https://www.boomlive.in/fake-news/fake-tweet-alert-donald-trump-did-not-mistake-maradona-for-madonna-10829