Kia is not playing around here and the newly introduced EV6 – the first fully electric vehicle – provides the proof

The EV6 is the South Korean automaker’s first entry with the battery-electric E-GMP skateboard, which it shares with sibling automaker Hyundai It is the brand’s pioneering entry into the segment. Like so many pioneers, it is making brave progress

First there are two equipment variants: Base and GT The GT drives from 0 to 100 km / h in just 3 seconds and reaches a top speed of almost 250 km / h It’s not just fast, which is what so many electric vehicles on the market today do, it charges fast too, with its 800 volt capability, owners can charge 10% to 80% in 18 minutes

“EV6 embodies the new Kia It was born to inspire every journey through bold design, advanced engineering, innovative technologies and exciting electrical performance,” said Ho Sung Song, CEO of Kia, & CEO

Sales of the new EV6 will begin in some parts of the world later this month, but will not arrive in the U.S. see you early next year

“EV6 is also the beginning of Kia’s long-term commitment to sustainable mobility, accelerating the transition not only to clean modes of transport, but also to products, materials and manufacturing”

The new model is part of the company’s transition to a fully electric brand, which is driven by the slogan “Movement that inspires” This transition begins with a move away from ICE vehicles to battery-electric vehicles as well as plug-in and conventional hybrid models is that these three will account for 40% of Kia’s global sales by 2030: a total of 16 million vehicles per year
As part of this, the company will offer 11 BEVs by 2026, seven of which are based on the new E-GMP architecture, the rest are electrified versions of existing nameplates

The E-GMP offers Kia what so many other EV manufacturers enjoy about using a skateboard-style platform for their EVs: Flexibility Karim Habib, the company’s chief designer, has this point not only during the presentation Last night but also highlighted in an earlier media webinar to preview the new EV6

The GT model goes from 0 to 100 km / h in just 3 minutes and has a top speed of approx 162 mph

This can make a small vehicle feel big as the architecture allows the wheels to slide into corners, creating more interior space Since everything that drives the vehicle is built into the vehicle, this means a flat floor that

offers more interior space and design flexibility

“EV6 is the first dedicated Kia EV to be a showcase for human-centered, advanced design and electrified power,” he said Create distinctive, impactful design using a combination of sophisticated high-tech features for pure and abundant volumes while providing a special EV that will define our future ”

This sleek construction means that the new EV6 models do not exactly fit into one category. Potential buyers looking for different features can find what they want in this one vehicle even if they are not sure what type of vehicle they are it is

“You can think of this as a crossover,” he said, “A transition between what may be less clear and that’s a bit of the point”

Kia EV6

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