Former Disney star Bella Thorne will be fined again for actions related to her OnlyFans account

In August, the Shake It Up star joined the paid subscription website popular for adult content and temporarily caused a crash At the time, many criticized the actress for exploiting a platform that struggled sex workers Has led through the pandemic

When Thorne joined OnlyFans, she broke a record by making $ 1 million on her first day. In less than a week, she made $ 2 million, Apparently due to her unprecedented success, OnlyFans changed some of its policies to limit tips, Set price caps and make more space withdrawals for creators, prompting sex workers to speak out

“Seeing a celebrity beautify a platform and make obscene amounts of money without acknowledging the plight of sex workers really is a slap in the face,” Aussie Rachel, sex worker and OnlyFans content creator, told Rolling Stone. p>

And if that backlash wasn’t bad enough, Thorne made it worse recently when she took up her Instagram stories on December 13 to paint herself a martyr and trendsetter

If #BellaThorne said she was the first to join and cheat, causing the platform to put in new rules and regulations that affect the workers there, I would totally agree with her on ImageTwittercom / 0VUPOst9Si

“Everyone’s jumping on OnlyFans, but I took the hit for it,” she said, “Cool”

“Legitimate everyone in my newsfeed who follows in my footsteps,” she added with an exaggerated roll of her eyes. “But when I got heat you were scared”

“She’s just obviously going to ignore the fact that she cheated on people and made it harder for people who depend on it,” wrote another user

As many Twitter users pointed out, several celebrities, including Blac Chyna, Cardi B, and Thorne’s former BFF Tana Mongeau, set up OnlyFans accounts long before Thorne

Thorne’s claims are not just viewed as offensive – they’re false, too / p>

The post that Bella Thorne ridiculed for claiming she was “the first” to join OnlyFans first appeared on In The Know

More than a decade in life imprisonment for helping sell $ 20 worth of marijuana to an undercover officer in Louisiana, Fate Winslow will be released Wednesday. “Salvation has come today,” he told Yahoo News in a Email

It’s no secret that there aren’t enough Pfizer vaccine doses for every American who wants one, but there are at least a few million left in a warehouse waiting for the government to decide where to go, Pfizer said after Pfizer Received emergency clearance from the Food and Drug Administration last week, he announced Thursday that the 2 9 million vaccine doses of the U.S. Government said the company was distributing But Pfizer “has millions more cans in stock pending instructions on where to ship them,” reports Bloomberg Pfizer also denied that this was the cause of shipping delays that some states have complained about. and said it was the federal government that caused the raid, the vast majority of Americans have announced they will be receiving the coronavirus vaccine, and many are willing to take it as soon as possible, with only enough doses available so far to get vaccinated of people in nursing homes and frontline health workers that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have agreed to prioritize The US reportedly bought 100 million doses of the Pfizer vaccine in the summer, the Trump administration turned down Pfizer’s offer to sell the US More doses a few months later, meaning Pfizer may not be able to get another shipment to the Americans until the summer of 2021 The US bought another 100 million doses of Moderna vaccine last week – more stories from the week – Com Trump was reportedly convinced he actually won and tells advisors he is not allowed to vacate the White House 5 Insanely Funny Cartoons About Trump’s Election Fraud Failure 17 Things You Already Forgot Happened In 2020

President Vladimir Putin said media reports that Russian state security agents poisoned opposition politician Alexei Navalny were part of a U.S.-Supported conspiracy to try to discredit him, saying Navalny wasn’t important enough to be a target Navalny, one of Putin’s leading critics, was flown in August after collapsing on a domestic flight to Germany in three European lab tests Countries confirmed by the Global Chemical Weapons Watchdog revealed that he was poisoned with a Soviet-style novichok nerve agent, but Russia denies this, saying no evidence needs to be presented yet

New White House Assistant Chief of Staff Jen O’Malley Dillon called for unity and compromise on politics while calling Republicans “a bunch of F ***” in an interview with Glamor magazine on Wednesday O ‘ Malley Dillon was campaign manager for progressive Texan Beto O’Rourke in the Democratic primary before joining the Biden team in March as campaign manager in the Glamor interview, O’Malley Dillon said Biden had a “sense of unity” with “Connect” the voters “In elementary school, people mocked him like, ‘Do you think you can work with Republicans?’ I’m not saying they ain’t a bunch of f *** es. Mitch McConnell is awful. But that feeling you couldn’t wish for, couldn’t you wish for that bipartisan ideal? He turned it down, “said O’Malley Dillon,” Von Beginning to end, he worked on the idea that unity was possible, that we are stronger together, that we need healing as a country and that our politics need it too. “O’Malley Dillon also stated that in politics,” compromise is a good thing “And that compromise” is to me the heart of relationships, love and success across the board. “Comments come during negotiations in Congress on a new coronavirus bailout. Negotiations have stalled since the summer, and Majority Leader McConnell said Tuesday that the Senate would not pause at Christmas until an agreement was reached

The dashcam video captured a horrific scene: a Kansas sheriff’s deputy in a patrol car mowed a black man who was running shirtless across a field in the summer darkness after escaping a traffic obstruction, Lionel Womack – a 35-year-old former policeman from Kansas City, Kansas – claims in an excessive violence lawsuit filed Thursday that he sustained serious injuries when Jeremy Rodriguez, the assistant sheriff of Kiowa County, deliberately drove over him on August 15, Womack said in a statement that he was not accelerating or under the influence of anything when he was initially run over

At the end of the coronavirus relief tunnel, a light is finally shining.Months into the end of the last COVID-19 stimulus package, lawmakers are ready to pass a renewal that is supported by both parties. They are also finalizing the annual government finance bill, with who has been linked to COVID-19 relief and expect them to adopt the final versions this weekend, Sen. Rob Portman, R-Ohio said Thursday that while the unemployment benefits increase and other provisions expired with the previous CARES bill, even more unemployment programs should expire by the end of the year, also expiring Friday, a week-long running government funding resolution passed last week was to keep the government from shutting down as Congress drafts a longer-term deal, Senators could come up with around $ 900 billion in aid package as early as Thursday, the Washington Post reports, despite discussions on the final one Adoption may extend into the weekend Senate Majority Whip John Thune (R-SD) said Thursday there was a “real possibility” that the Senate could pass a 24- or 48-hour resolution to fund the government through the weekend, though Dick Durbin (D-Ill) said he “pray that we don’t do that “There remains indecision on how to distribute stimulus checks – they’re expected to be around $ 600. Axios reports that the final bill will also include increased unemployment benefits of $ 300 a week and help in small businesses Amount of 325 billion Democrats and Republicans will be able to put gains and losses on the bailout bill, notes Axios Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky) may tell fiscally conservative Republicans that this bill doesn’t have a very different price tag than the one He proposed in the summer while the Democrats were able to block liability protection that would prevent companies from facing coronavirus-related lawsuits. More stories from the week – Com Trump reportedly convinced he did indeed win, and shares with advisors that he can’t clear the hilarious White House cartoons about Trump’s election fraud failure Pfizer says there are “millions” of vaccine doses waiting to be shipped – but the government hasn’t told them where to go

Bernard Bergemar is MindGeek’s biggest beneficiary through a “complex network of subsidiaries,” reported the Financial Times

President Trump has privately resigned himself to his loss to President-elect Joe Biden, but he “has now turned around and digged deeper – not only spreading misinformation about the election, but taking it in himself,” reports CNN Encouraged by advisors like Rudy Giuliani and Jenna Ellis, who mislead Trump about the extent of voting irregularities and the prospect of a reversal, “One adviser told CNN,” He has received so much misinformation that I think he actually believes this is him Thing was stolen “Even the electoral college that formalized Biden’s victory” didn’t seem enough to rid Trump of his victory delusions, “says CNN,” but it increases the urgency to get several of his advisors to gently move Trump Steering reality “Discussions about Trump’s post-presidency future tend to go nowhere because Trump is” almost closed, “reports CNN.” In his moments of deepest denial, Trump has told some advisors that he will refuse to join the White House Leaving Inauguration Day only to be let down from that ledge The facility has alarmed some aides, starting he few believe that Trump will actually get through “To be very clear, Trump will leave the White House 100 percent on the day of inauguration, if not long before,” writes Jonathan Chait in New York. “Even the scholars who Expressing deepest fears about Trump’s intentions to undermine the system did not believe in the possibility that he could oppose the outcome by simply refusing to leave the system”Squatting is not one of the tools in his authoritarian toolbox,” but the fact that Trump believes it is a viable option in fact suggests that he is “pursuing more than one plan to convince his followers,” says Chait He “drinks his own poisoned Kool-Aid” If Trump has to be forcibly removed from the White House, you can attribute the prediction to Bill Maher More stories from the week com 5 hilarious cartoons about Trump’s election fraud failure Pfizer says ‘millions’ of vaccine doses are up waiting for shipping – but the government didn’t tell you where to go 17 things you already forgot happened in 2020

Much of the northeast was covered in snow from the first major storm of the season, which shattered a decade-long snowfall record in Pennsylvania (Dec. 17)

Discover the top books for every interest – from fashion to design to travel – our editors loved this year Originally published on Architectural Digest

In newly released news, ex-FBI agent Peter Strzok, who oversaw the bureau’s investigation into the possible ties of the Trump campaign to Russia, pointed to the Steele’s ability to “sway” the media Senate Republicans on Thursday released a series of internal FBI messages from Strzok providing insights into the Crossfire Hurricane, the investigation into the Trump campaign, and the Justice Department opened the record on Jan. Released December after Senators Ron Johnson (RWisc) and Chuck Grassley (R, Iowa) asked Attorney General William Barr and FBI Director Christopher Wray to release the documents in October as part of their investigation into the Crossfire Hurricane. Strzok’s messages indicate he knew that former British spy Christopher Steele, whose dossier was used by the FBI, to obtain surveillance warrants against Carter Page, a source for a Yahoo! News that Page had a secret meeting with two Kremlin insiders in Moscow, “If I look at the Yahoo article, I would definitely say that Steele’s reports are at least seen as intended to be influencing and informing,” Strzok wrote , who was released by the FBI in August 2018, on Sept. 23, 2016Steele was later revealed to be a source for the article and he had met a number of journalists in Washington, D.C. As part of an opposition research campaign commissioned by the DNC and Clinton campaigns, although Strzok voiced his suspicions that Steele was the source for the article, the office continued to work with the ex-spy and did not divulge Steele’s contact with journalists to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC) continuesThe FBI later ended his relationship with Steele after he died on Jan. A number of the allegations in the dossier have since been discredited, and a December 2019 report by the Department of Justice’s Inspector General criticized the FBI’s Crossfire Hurricane team for failing to provide the FISC with important details about Steele and had communicated the dossier

The story of COVID-19 in Brazil is the story of a president who insists the pandemic is no big deal Jair Bolsonaro condemned the idea of ​​coronavirus quarantine, saying shutdowns would ruin the economy and punish the poor for They were a slap in the face to Márcio Antônio Silva, a resident of Rio de Janeiro who recently lost his 25-year-old son

Photos from the suburban Dallas scene show missing auto parts, black soot around the vehicles, and bumpers completely burned to ashes

She said that in the absence of a plan, “nefarious forces” could come into play to fill the vacuum

Joe Biden will not shy away from using President Donald Trump’s weapon of choice – sanctions – when trying to reshape America’s foreign policy, according to those familiar with his thinking Taking office on Jan. 20, he is expected to quickly begin re-calibrating Trump’s blunt violence approach while taking time to ponder before making major changes to top sanction targets like Iran and China, the sources said will happen after four years in which Trump – often unilaterally – imposed economic punitive measures at record speed, but did not bend U S. Rival to his will

The Libyan Central Bank announced that its board of directors has approved a single official exchange rate for its currency, the dinar, following its long-awaited meeting on Wednesday The United Nations hailed the move as “important and badly needed” amid years of conflict, that paralyzed the economy of the oil-rich North African country The board of directors of the Central Bank of Libya set the new interest rate at 48 dinars per uS. Dollars, according to a statement by the bank

The riders died on US. Highway 95 last week near Las Vegas for “reckless behavior” on the part of the defendant, the Clark County District Attorney said

Bella Thorne

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