What was already a disastrous first Formula 1 race weekend for rookie Nikita Mazepin at the Bahrain International Circuit became in the first round of the even worse 2021 season opening Grand Prix of Bahrain

Mazepin, who competed for the 15-round lap in 20th Qualified (last) place, 3363-mile (5The 412-kilometer road circuit in Sakhir, Bahrain, began on Aug.after Aston Martin’s Sebastian Vettel was penalized for a problem that occurred in the first qualifying round at Mazepin Also, Red Bull’s Sergio Perez had to start from the pits because of a problem in the formation lap

If you’ve had anything to do with Formula 1 in the past few years, especially the past off-season, you’ve probably heard a lot of things about Mazepin, such as: B. why he came here and what he’s done throughout his racing career, both on track and off track, to become arguably the most hated driver in the sport before getting in a car

While it’s easier for fans to comment on the teen’s behavior, it’s no secret that he has done more than his share of rivals and enemies on the racetrack, too

That was never so obvious after breaking the unwritten “gentlemen’s agreement” in qualifying, which ultimately led to his spin and messed up the laps of several drivers who actually had the chance to get out of the first of three qualifying laps

But it became even more noticeable after his fall on the first lap of the race itself – even before he had completed three laps

Jack Aitken, who made his Formula 1 debut for Williams on a slightly different layout of the Bahrain International Circuit late last season after Lewis Hamilton tested positive for COVID-19 and Mercedes Williams’ George Russell replacing him designed has had its share of run-ins with Mazepin over the years, most recently in Formula 2

Aitken drove around 11th on lap 63 of 87 at the Sakhir Grand Prix last year Corner, 2202 miles (3) 544 kilometers) road course in Sakhir, Bahrain After finishing 18th Place was started

Suddenly I felt a lot better in the 60 laps I did before my spin in Sakhir

How will Mazepin’s second Formula 1 start? The Grand Prix of Emilia Romagna will be broadcast live on ESPN by Autodromo Internazionale Enzo and Dino Ferrari from 9:00 a.m. ET on Sunday 18 April

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World news – FI – Formula 1: Nikita Mazepin’s rival shares a funny reaction to his spin

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