Two Covid experts told Helsingin Sanomat that Finland’s shutdown announced on Thursday would help curb the spread of the virus in the country would not be over by the end of March

Bars and restaurants where people gather and drink alcohol have welcomed the proliferation of licensed facilities, according to Asko Järvinen, head of the Helsinki District Infectious Disease Hospital

Meanwhile, evolutionary biologist Tuomas Aivelo noted that closing secondary schools was a wise decision.Although schools have had a relatively low number of infections, they have been the source of many exposures Tracking exposure at school has contact tracers overloaded, which contribute significantly to containing the virus The fewer school occupancies that need to be clarified, the more efficiently they can do their work, writes HS

In southern Finland, secondary school students return on April 1 Back to school for a week after the ski vacation on March 8, before the three-week distance learning period on March 8 March starts Aivelo said he would like to see the teens stay home for the week before the shutdown

“This would minimize the risk of people passing on infections they got while on vacation,” he explained

With primary schools and day-care centers scheduled to remain open in March, the Swedish-language daily Hufvudstadsbladet writes that several countries have moved along with other intensive care workers to vaccinate teachers

Otto Helve, THL’s specialist in pediatric infectious diseases, told HBL, however, that only 14 percent of people exposed in Finnish schools were infected with coronavirus

“A child can have the same viral load as an adult, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they pass the virus on as adults,” he said, noting that children may have mild symptoms or be asymptomatic

A study in the 43A study of 000 people who had been exposed to the virus in Finland found that most of the transmission occurred in adults

The top story by Tabloid Iltalehti posits when different sections of the population can expect to get the sting

IL reports that the THL estimates Finland will start giving coronavirus vaccines to the working-age population from the end of June, jabs could start earlier if manufacturers increase vaccine deliveries, according to the paper

Finland offers the vaccine to everyone over the age of 16 The shocks are not offered to younger children due to limited testing on children

The prime minister’s office is preparing amendments to the law on emergency powers allowing curfew, the minister said

The MP had formed his own one-man faction after he was removed from the Finnish party faction last year

Although the comment on an Instagram post was completely inappropriate, the offense was minor, the prosecutor says

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