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GameStop is Active Again Much Before the market closed on Wednesday, the video game company’s shares rose and GME just closed at $ 9171 – up nearly 104 percent per day

It’s the highest the stock has hit since it fell to Earth earlier this month after the unprecedented Reddit-fueled rally that took it to $ 483 a share as the afternoon wore on, stocks were trading set twice

It’s not exactly clear what’s going on here, but one group is celebrating: r / WallStreetBets The retail investor community is thrilled with the results and welcomes the jump as proof that the GME roller coaster ride isn’t over yet, it seems so much To give interest to the community that they are currently buckling under the load of inbound traffic

A number of events this week could add to the surge.First of all, GME attorney Keith Gill, known online as Roaring Kitty or through his more mundane dealings with u / DeepFuckingValue, told a House Financial Services Committee hearing on GameStop last week Rally in which he made his case as an ordinary investor who simply liked the stock late last week, Gill doubled his stake in GME to 100000 shares valued at around $ 4 million at the time, reports the Wall Street Journal

Gill’s willingness to double his GameStop craze could be a factor explaining today’s stock surge, but it certainly isn’t the only former GameStop CFO Jim Bell announced his resignation yesterday A sudden departure from inside reports may not have been amicable after the company’s board of directors lost trust in senior management that could spark investor excitement

Finally, and most inexplicably, Chewy founder Ryan Cohen – the GameStop board member whose interest in the company helped ease its skyrocketing share price – tweeted a photo of a McDonald’s ice cream cone with a frog emoji captioning What could this possibly have to do with a new rising GME stock price? Who knows But at this point I’m ready to believe anything

Ahhh, I was wondering why $ GME was up 75%, and then I realized that your key holder (the Chewy founder) tweeted this picture of an ice cream cone, which now makes a lot more sense picTwittercom / E1Qw5hhjdX

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World news – FI – The GameStop share has just risen 100 percent and WallStreetBets is thrilled

Source: https://www.theverge.com/2021/2/24/22299795/gamestop-stock-up-reddit-wallstreetbets-gme-pump