Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik’s little daughter Khai has only been on this earth since September, but she’s already living a good life. Her mother is not just a supermodel – along with Aunt Bella and her super famous musician father – but she also boasts a fleet of famous “aunts” and “uncles” including Gigi’s BFF Taylor Swift According to Gigi, Aunt Taylor showered little Khai with special handmade gifts, and her latest offering is so cute

When Khai was born Taylor gave her a pink silk blanket that she had made and now she is being added to Khai’s “made by Taylor” collection with a teddy bear from one of her dresses. “It’s misshapen and she has it uglier Called a bear, “Gigi told Vogue about the gift.” She had one when she was little Aww! Gigi hasn’t shared any pictures of the stuffed animal, but we can imagine it’s just as adorable as the cute, silky blanket Gigi previously posted on Instagram Stories. Gigi also shared that Aunt Taylor helped her while she was pregnant ; In a tweet, the model confessed that all of the bagels with extra cream cheese were one of her primary needs, but couldn’t find them during Fashion Week in Europe.Taylor came to the rescue in London and linked her buddy with those delicious carbohydrates

Making baby gifts is apparently one of Tay’s favorite quarantine activities – aside from releasing surprise albums. When Katy Perry greeted her baby daughter Daisy, Taylor sent a similar handcrafted embroidered blanket along with a heartfelt note

Gigi herself returns the favor to her expected friends. She recently tweeted that she kept the post office busy sending gifts to friends who are about to have children of their own, “With all the favorite things I give to friends who are about to be parents, the postman thinks I run a little baby shop in my house, “she wrote Hey, a baby shop run by Taylor and Gigi sounds like a great idea if you ask us

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