If you want to see monsters beat up each other? You are in the right place

Godzilla vs. Kong is on Dec. March out in the US, in theaters and on HBO Max

Want to see Godzilla and Kong compete against each other until at least one city falls to the ground? You’re in the right placeGodzilla vs Kong delivers just that. With dazzling action, brightly colored Tron-like neon lights, and a pulsating electronic score, the film is different from its grayer counterparts in the franchise known as MonsterVerse, starting with Godzilla 2014

Intentionally less gritty, with at least one standout performance by a human character, Godzilla vs. Kong offers a people-friendly entry point that definitely brings the spectacle home. The best part? It’s less than two hours

Godzilla vs. Kong is now in theaters in the US and on HBO Max The film has already opened in theaters in Australia and other countries, but some, including France and Japan, won’t get it until May

Carefully shedding a few characters from Godzilla: King of the Monsters from 2019, the latest monster bash-up focuses on a seemingly straightforward mission: Find Kong a new home, because no two Apex Titans can be on the surface of the earth Living The Fabled Hidden World is the answer, bringing together scientists played by Alexander Skarsgard and Rebecca Hall to escort Kong to the entrance of the not-so-mythical realm that can communicate with the giant gorilla

The Godzilla event has shaken: Millie Bobby Brown, who played the daughter of scientists Maddison Russell in the previous film; Julian Dennison of Deadpool and Hunt for the Wilderpeople fame; and undisputed comedic star Brian Tyree Henry as a whistleblower with a podcast run. His topic? Apex Cybernetics from Evil Tech Company, combined with stirring the last peaceful Godzilla into a blue-eyed frenzy

Everything goes exactly as predicted in the trailer’s YouTube comments, the plot just connects Rounds 1, 2, and 3 of Godzilla and Kong’s head-to-head, and you’ll be pleased to note that director Adam Wingard gives you an ultimate winner (if you think about it, the winner is not at all surprising)

Wingard’s efforts expand Godzilla’s usual territory from cloudy cities with constant night and ocean views to the more mystical terrain of the Hidden World. But with CGI-Galore, this journey to the center of the earth presents only a few distinguishable features to get it out of the vortex of the to lift generic fantasy

The gossamer human characters of MonsterVerse have always been redundant.But even if Kyle Chandler’s worried father gets out of hand and Zhang Ziyi’s possibly quite useful mythologist is dropped, the additional characters react little more than to the argument over their heads. p>

While the dialogue has improved a lot, including the one-liners of success and failure, the portrayal repeats itself and Apex Cybernetics founder Walter Simmons (Demian Bichir) delivers his ideology as in the Westworld (luckily being his greatest Quickly talk about being interrupted by one of the monsters)

You’re a little sorry for Godzilla: This is very Kong’s film Godzilla can’t take a break: he had a total of eight minutes of screen time in the first part of the franchise and is positioned here almost immediately as the villain.A now grown-up Kong with a grizzly beard has a personality He’s nice to Jia, observing a morning routine where he yawns weirdly and blatantly scratching his bum Kong’s perspective resonates with his closeness to the human species, but still, strangely enough, Godzilla seems underserved

Fortunately, the final fight pulverizes your senses so much that you forget where you are. Wingard finds new perspectives to demonstrate the enormity of the two giants by taking a short roller coaster ride with excitement and nausea alongside Kong the plot here is occasionally incoherent and difficult to follow, especially in scenes with water, it is mostly understandable and especially spectacular in the yellow, green and purple lights of a pulsating Hong Kong (miraculously no civilians seem to be injured)

In another film, Wingard should have brought the horror, dark wave soundtrack, and black humor of his indie films like The Guest and You’re Next, but some of his signature touches help these iconic monsters into their promised common Running Universe If you crave a truly mind-boggling blockbuster and can see it in theaters, then Godzilla vs. Kong will satisfy (should you wait for the credits? Short answer: no)

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Godzilla versus Kong

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