The prolific French actor Gérard Depardieu was arrested and charged with rape after allegedly assaulting a young actress at his Paris home in 2018 AFP reported on Tuesday

Depardieu has been charged with rape and sexual assault, according to a French news agency court source, but was not detained despite being under judicial supervision and reporting to the authorities regularly

Authorities initially began investigating the woman’s allegations almost immediately after being reported that Depardieu had raped her in August 2018 However, the case was closed in June of the following year for lack of evidence, only to reopen in the summer

Le Parisien reported in 2018 that Depardieu took the young actress under his wing in her twenties and acted as a career mentor, only to attack her on two occasions at his home in the French capital

The woman’s identity was not disclosed by the French authorities, but her lawyer, Elodie Tuaillon-Hibon, told AFP that she hoped her client’s privacy would be respected as the case progresses

Depardieu has appeared in hundreds of films over a decade-long career in French cinema, but is also known for his bizarre off-screen behavior According to AFP, a mistranslation has made it appear that Depardieu even hinted at the age of 9 that he was attending one himself. Depardieu is the youngest member of a line of powerful French men accused of sexual misconduct in the #MeToo movement, despite the Effects of the movement in France were far less groundbreaking when compared to the US Well-known legal scholar Olivier Duhamel was accused last month by his stepdaughter of sexually assaulting her twin brother, starting when he was around 14. In 2019, a nine-month investigation into French film director Luc Besson was suspended for lack of evidence of sexual assault

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