Health officials pledged swift delivery of vaccines and other measures after confirming seven cases in the West African nation that was the source of the largest outbreak of the disease ever

Guinea is battling a new Ebola outbreak, health officials told the West African nation on Sunday with at least three deaths in a region that was previously the starting point for the worst epidemic of all time

The three deceased – two women and one man – were among seven people who developed symptoms such as diarrhea, vomiting, and bleeding after attending a nurse’s funeral in the southeast of the country in February 1, the Ministry of Health said in an explanation

Officials confirmed an epidemic Sunday after a laboratory found the virus in the first three samples tested by the patients

“The government assures the people that all measures are being taken to contain this epidemic as soon as possible,” said the Guinean Ministry of Health on Sunday in a Facebook post, adding that people are reporting further symptoms to health authorities and should respect sanitation and preventive measures It also said it would expedite the delivery of vaccines to the area and open a center for the treatment of identified cases

Guinea had not seen an Ebola case since 2016 when it came to the end of an epidemic that began in its southeastern region in 2014. This deadliest outbreak to date spread to neighboring Liberia and Sierra Leone, eventually infecting more than 28000 people in 10 countries and killed more than 11000

The resurgence is coming as West Africa is still grappling with the coronavirus pandemic and after the DRC also found new cases of Ebola three months after health officials said they wiped out the most recent outbreak in the Congo >

Dr Mashidiso Moeti, the regional director of the World Health Organization for Africa, said on Twitter on Sunday that she was “very concerned” about the reports from Guinea and that the agency was “stepping up preparedness and response efforts for this possible resurgence” ”

The Ebola virus spreads through contact with body fluids or secretions from an infected or recently deceased person and causes a hemorrhagic fever with an average death rate of about half, although two vaccines are now available for it

“We will quickly deploy important resources to help Guinea,” said Dr Georges Alfred Ki-Zerbo, a representative of the World Health Organization, told the Agence France-Presse news agency, adding that the group is in contact with the manufacturer of a vaccine to dispense doses and control the outbreak

“The arsenal is stronger now and we will use that to contain this situation as soon as possible,” said Dr Said Ki-Zerbo


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