It is a holy day for much of the Christian world with many clinging to ancient teachings. Bless them all

For some, especially those caught in the strangeness we call American politics, it’s just another day to hit the other side with another insult, it’s a shame because Easter time is a quiet opportunity to to enjoy precious memories

Did that mean your parents stuffed you in the car and drove you downtown, like Portland, Bangor, Lewiston, or Boston? If you lived in a city, did you take a tram downtown that rattled and trembled as it plowed through the traffic?

Here’s an additional credit question Did your mom wear white cotton gloves? Or did she wear them?

Did your mother or father take you to a wonderful old-time department store after you arrived?

Did you take the elevator to the floor where the children’s outfits lived? Do you remember a nice uniformed lady who ran the elevator and called out the items on each floor?

I remember my mom asking the saleswoman about pants (always pants, never pants) that could fit in the middle of a limp little boy. You could check out aisle three, which has the “husky” sizes keep it, she said

Did the girls lead you to an aisle with shelves filled with bright, ruffled outfits? Was there a conversation between your parents and the saleswoman about the costume you would have to wear? Have you ever been asked for your opinion?

Here’s another additional credit question. Did you visit the footwear section where the salesperson measured your foot and brought out an assortment of stiff, uncomfortable shoes? Then he led you to a large, tall, dark closet and asked you to step on a platform and put your feet in a slot?

If you stood on the stairs, you could peek into a viewer to see green, glowing images of your feet in your shoes

I remember the seller using a pointer to show my mother how the shoes he selected would fit just right

Of course, no one said anything about the device called a fluoroscope. It used X-rays to light up your feet, you, your parents, and specifically Mr. Shoe sellers were exposed to tons of radiation

Think about it for a minute. When the dentist takes an x-ray of your teeth, they will be given a lead-lined blanket that covers your center to prevent exposure to radiation. Not so in the shoe store

We spent many lovely Saturday afternoons in a movie theater in our neighborhood. There was a fluoroscope in the shoe shop next door. They let us try it and we giggled while watching our wobbling toes. For some reason, those machines went missing in the mid-1950s. Wonder why?

The newspaper I spent my adult years telling thousands of stories in owned a recreation area that had an annual Easter egg hunt for our children

It was fun, but not a big hunt Volunteers in rabbit costumes put hundreds of plastic eggs in the grass At the appointed time, the rabbits put the kindergarten teachers on, dropped a tape, and walked out of the way as the kids ran around Picking up eggs and stuffing them into their baskets

I remember one girl who wasn’t interested in egg hunt She just followed other kids waiting for an egg to fall out of her basket Then as they leaned over and reached for another bright egg, she casually kicked up the fallen egg and walked away

In the early 1950s, on a rainy Easter Sunday, my people decided to hold the family egg hunt indoors. It was before the colored plastic eggs marched in. Mama had decorated real eggs that had been hard-boiled and colored

On Easter morning after church, the children were having breakfast when their father went into another room, closed the door, secreted two dozen eggs, and carefully placed them behind chairs, under the coffee table, and behind the curtains

As far as I remember, we ran into the room and it took a few minutes to collect the loot.We quickly found 23

A month or two later, mom spent an afternoon searching this room until she found the last Easter egg still hiding under a radiator, but that’s another story for another time

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Happy Easter!

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