Harry Potter star Tom Felton reveals that his grandfather Nigel Anstey made a cameo in the first film as a professor who appeared during a Quidditch game

A new video from Harry Potter star Tom Felton reveals his grandfather made a cameo in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.Felton is widely known as the actor behind Harry Potter’s archenemy, Draco Malfoy, and throughout the series With eight films he managed to build a dedicated following despite the evil nature of the character

From the moment Malfoy met Potter, it was clear that the two would never become friends. To be fair, however, it was Malfoy who actually tried to win Harry over when they first met at The Sorcerer’s Stone But Malfoy’s intent was never more honorable than the hope of attracting another bully in his wake, and his belief that the “right kind” of wizards existed to befriend Harry certainly rubbed Harry in the wrong direction over the course of the year In the next seven films in the series, Malfoy has proven to be a sensible and downright dangerous antagonist, although to this day there has been no shortage of fans who ultimately feel like a personable character.But while a lot is known about Malfoy in the franchise, few knew that Felton had a family relationship in the first Harry Potter film

During a livestream through his Instagram account, Felton sat and watched Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone while providing a running commentary when the movie’s Quidditch match was taking place, Felton excitedly pointed out that the Hogwarts professor was next the game commentator Lee Jordan (Luke Youngblood) is actually his grandfather Nigel Anstey:

“This is my grandpa again! The guy with the beard White beard! Huge beard right next to Lee Jordan And here I am again It’s a family thing, mentally! Mentally!”

Although the moment is brief for Anstey, he also appeared in a scene where Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Draco see the Hogwarts Great Hall for the first time, oddly enough, Antsey’s job wasn’t an actor, and he’s a well-known one and accomplished geophysicist with numerous books on seismic exploration, Anstey is not featured in the film’s official credits, which makes it difficult to tell which Hogwarts professor he played.It’s also hard to know how Felton’s grandfather cast due to his geophysical background as a professor was, but it’s a cute gig

Over the past few months, Felton has been talking increasingly about the Harry Potter franchise, and he’s already mentioned his efforts to bring a cast reunion together, and he’s even stated that he would be interested in returning for future Potter projects This recent livestream event proved to be a success, especially with this hilarious reveal about his family’s connection to Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, hopefully Felton will play a role in the potential HBO Max Harry Potter series that is reportedly in development as he is clearly still in love with the wizarding world that made him a star

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