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by Ivan Mehta
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Several reports over the weekend confirmed that an attacker had released details including names, user IDs, phone numbers and emails? by more than 533 million Facebook users in a forum

Alon Gal, CEO of security firm Hudson Rock, tweeted about the incident back in January, saying the database was exposed when a Telegram user created a bot that users could use to query the database for a fee

A few days ago, a user created a Telegram bot that allows users to query the database for a small fee so that users can find the phone numbers associated with a very large chunk of Facebook accounts

Catalin Cimpanu of The Record also independently reported that the database was available in 106 different country packages. While these files are publicly available, you will need to purchase forum credits to download them

While phone numbers were appended to most of the records, multiple email IDs were also displayed.You can use haveibeenpwned, a website that downloads email IDs that have been exposed on various violations to verify your ID was affected

The website’s founder is also considering uploading the leaked phone numbers to the database.We will update the story if that happens

Better to change your password first, you can check here if any of your old passwords have been compromised How to Avoid Reusing Them Also, consider using a password manager if you don’t already

Facebook told The Record that this data dump was from its 2019 breach and the issue was fixed in August of this year. Now that the data is public, anyone can get it for a few dollars and millions of people can spam or use it Address Doxes

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