Earth City, MO, Feb Sep. 09, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Interface Security Systems, a leading managed service provider providing business security, managed network, UCaaS, and business intelligence solutions to distributed enterprises, today announced that El Pollo Loco, one of the fastest growing restaurant chains of the country, this does is grilled on the fire and relies on the video-verified alarms managed by Interface and the monitoring of burglar alarms to reliably detect break-ins and minimize false alarms With Interface, El Pollo Loco saves several thousand dollars in 198 restaurants annual false alarm penalties

When Louis Burke, Senior Manager of Safety & Loss Prevention, came to El Pollo Loco he had to grapple with numerous alarm management protocols as El Pollo Loco had half a dozen intrusion alarm vendors, and each vendor had different contract terms and there was no way to hold someone accountable even if the alarm systems failed

“When I started, I got a call from a restaurant about the lack of a safe. When I called the big well-known alarm company, I was told that they had not received any signals from the alarm system on site for over 6 months! Apparently we hadn’t signed up for a separate supplementary service that would have ensured that the communication channel between the alarm and the surveillance center worked. All the while we were paying service fees without anyone monitoring our location and without any communication from the alarm company ”

This incident marked a turning point in El Pollo Loco’s approach to loss prevention and paved the way for a full review of the implementation of intrusion monitoring

“We decided to break away from the maze of alarm providers and work with a company that understood our needs and was ready to take responsibility for the service. That’s why we chose Interface,” said Burke

The scope of services included replacing outdated alarm systems with a new state-of-the-art system, as well as Interface’s 360 Alarm Maintenance Service, which ensured that all maintenance issues were proactively resolved with forced buttons, connectivity, and alarm panels along with a comprehensive annual technical Inspection to ensure alarm systems remain operational at all times Interface’s revamped Managed Alarm Service became the gold standard for El Pollo Loco as the Burkes team insisted on following a similar engagement model and protocol with other service providers / p>

After El Pollo Loco tweaked their basic alarm surveillance systems, Burke focused on rolling out cameras for the remaining 40% of restaurants that had no video, but the team initially wanted to effectively demonstrate the ROI of the proposed investment

When Burke was reviewing security, the heavy fines for false alarms that totaled several thousand dollars each year were noticed. In collaboration with Interface, El Pollo Loco ran a video-verified alarm service in some restaurants that already had cameras installed by

The results of the pilot opened my eyes every time a restaurant location had an alarm event, Interface’s remote monitoring team checked whether or not the alarm required a call to local law enforcement, and only 5% of the alarm events actually required one Police intervention The rest were all false positives!

The pilot paved the way for security cameras to be installed at all El Pollo Loco locations. Interface’s video verified alarm was then made available at all locations, directly contributing to savings of thousands of dollars per year since El Pollo Loco reduced false positivity penalties and associated costs at its in-house restaurants by 95%

“In addition to the direct savings associated with eliminating false positives, our store employees are happy because they no longer get a false alarm awakened at odd times. Every time they receive an 911 call from Interface, our employees know that they have a verified event, ”says Burke

The bespoke video verified alarm solution also helps prevent crime in El Pollo Loco, recently a serial burglar tried to get away with a sizable amount of cash stolen from the smart safe at a Los Angeles location on The Interface The Command and Control Center identified the break-in and immediately dispatched the police. The intruder was arrested at the scene

Interface is currently working with El Pollo Loco’s IT department to also eliminate expensive POTS lines and convert their alarm panels to reduce costs for all locations. Burke: “The biggest benefit of working with Interface is not just the value for money, but also the robust, process-oriented culture, willingness to listen to customers and the ability to solve problems creatively to keep the customer’s interest “

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