A picture shared by a couple from Greenwich, London left internet users scratching their heads in disbelief.The post was shared by Kellie Gnauck on Instagram and shows her with her partner Sam Cassidy and their new velvet sofa Sounds pretty normal, doesn’t it? But after looking at a picture that was shared in the post, you may get bamboozled like other internet users

The post shared by Gnauck includes three pictures of the new sofa the couple ordered five months ago, reports LadBible.To celebrate the new piece of furniture, Gnauck and Cassidy decided to snap some photos, one of which turned out to be random optical illusion turned out

“Photo shoot with your new sofa? For sure! Why not! And through sheer luck and many blessings, we have got picture number 3. That is perhaps the best performance for lockdowns, ”it says in the heading

The on 20 March published post has over 1200 Likes and Multiple Comments Received While some were amazed to see the photo, others shared how long it had taken them to figure out the optical illusion in the photo

“The last photo confused me,” wrote an Instagram user. “On the third photo I can clearly see who is wearing the pants in this house,” joked another. “Okay, that’s crazy,” said a third


World news – FI – Internet user amazed by optical illusion in the picture of a couple with a new sofa. Can you see it?

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