First Lady Melania Trump was a controversial figure during her time at the White House.The First Lady has spent the past four years largely quiet amid President Donald Trump’s hateful rhetoric and polarization policies, most recently becoming pro-Trump – Uprising led to the US Capitol While the First Lady was not clamorous in her position, many critics have derived messages through her choice of fashion

The first lady began controversy over her style before Trump took office.One of her most critically criticized fashion choices came during the second 2016 presidential debate between Trump and Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, the current first lady chose a pink Gucci pussy bow Blouse for debate just days after the infamous Access Hollywood tape leaked Trump making vulgar comments about sexual assault on women

Many on social media criticized Trump’s fashion choices – especially because of the blouse’s name – in relation to her husband’s offensive statements (“If you’re a star, they’ll let you do that”Grab it on the PY You can do anything”), but the Trump campaign later stated that, given the leaked tape, the choice was not made on purpose

Though the Gucci Pussy Bow blouse made a bad impression on many when it walked into the White House, its style remained largely uncritical during her first year as first lady, save for a few critics pointing out the big price tags that came with it many of her were connected Looks like the 51$ 000, Dolce & Gabbana jacket with floral appliqués that she wore during the 2017 G7 summit in Italy

Her most controversial look during her time as first lady came in 2018 when she wore an army-style Zara jacket that said, “I really don’t care, right?” while traveling to McAllen, Texas to visit imprisoned children separated from their families at US-Mexico border, as per guidelines issued by the Trump administration

First Lady Melania Trump wears the controversial “I really don’t care, right?” Jacket prior to visiting detained children in McAllen, Texas in 2018

The first lady encountered immense criticism of finding her deaf-mute nature in the face of the president’s tough immigration policies, her fashion stylist Hervé Pierre told WWD at the time he had never seen the jacket and when asked about the outfit stated her former communications director Stephanie Grisham, “It’s just a jacket. There was no hidden message”

Trump spoke about the jacket months later in an interview with ABC during their trip to Africa This visit also sparked controversy over her decision to wear a pith helmet, which has been criticized for its resemblance to the styles worn by colonialists. During the interview, the first lady said the jacket was intended as a message to the “people and the left-wing media who criticize me, thoughtShe said the jacket was not intended as a message to the imprisoned children

Melania Trump tells @TomLlamasABC that she wore the “I really don’t care” jacket for the people and the left media who criticize me And I want to show them that I don’t care ”#MelaniaTrump https: // tco / EqEyfZkJvZ picTwittercom / 2EWeCKB0de

These controversial and many other fashion moments have had a significant impact on the perception of first lady style in the fashion world and will no doubt be part of her legacy

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