Jennifer Lopez left fans asking lots of questions after sharing an incredible video of her nightly routine on Instagram

The singer recently launched her JLo beauty line and has been busy singing her praises ever since

However, after she posted a video of using her brand’s face wash to wipe off her heavy stage makeup, some fans remained in disbelief

Within seconds, Jennifer’s eye makeup, foundation and blush was washed away after just a few rubs of That Hit Single In a Gel Cream Cleanser

While many praised her flawless complexion, some asked the singer if she had a filter in her video because her detergent worked like magic!

“Can you repeat this on your camera without a filter? I’d like to take a closer look at your skin “asked one follower. Another wrote,” Seeing it without a filter would make a difference as it would give us a true and natural before and after “

A third added, “Seriously omg! If you want to sell beauty products, please stop using filters – no product can do that!” A fourth replied: “That’s exactly what I thought. Why didn’t the mascara run?”

JLo Beauty’s collection of glowing products includes a Gel Cream Cleaner ($ 38), Multitasking Serum ($ 79), Multitasking Mask ($ 18), Nonstop Miracle Cream ($ 58), SPF 30 Moisturizer with a broad spectrum ($ 54) and an eye cream ($ 48), Complexion Booster ($ 39), and skin-nourishing dietary supplement ($ 36)

“We’ve been working on the products for the past three years, but we finally got them right,” Jennifer said during her appearance on PEOPLE (The Show!)

She added, “I think I drove everyone a little bit crazy because I didn’t want to put my name on something that didn’t work or wasn’t exactly what I wanted”

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World News – FI – Jennifer Lopez leaves fans in disbelief after an incredible demonstration of her JLo beauty products