Jessie Ware and Kylie Minogue are working together on new music, both pop stars have confirmed

Both musicians released disco records last year, including Ware’s fourth album “What’s Your Pleasure?” and Minogues 15 Album “Disco”

After the Australian icon was featured on the London singer’s Table Manners podcast last year, they go to the studio together

“I work with her,” Ware told OfficialChartscom “It’s just happening. Maybe we wouldn’t have thought of working together if we hadn’t made similar albums? We hit it off over a halibut Christmas card and everything!”

A deluxe edition of Wares “What’s Your Pleasure?” is currently in the works “I had so many songs that weren’t recorded,” she explained, “But that doesn’t mean they’re not good! I’ve written maybe 40 or 50 songs I know my next record won’t be the same is like “What’s Your Pleasure?” When I listened to them it felt insane that I had all of these brilliant songs that I couldn’t [originally] put on the record

“You fit so well into this” What’s Your Pleasure? “- world that it made sense to keep them for this instead of making another record”

Ware will not be the first artist to release a disco-inspired record in 2020 that Minogue worked with. At the end of last year, the pop star was working with Dua Lipa on a rework of the disco track “Real Groove” The collaboration came about after Minogue was one of the guests at Lipa’s livestream concert Studio 2054

Minogue is also diving into the streaming arena, supporting the UK-based platform Roxi, dubbed the world’s first “Made for TV” music service, offering users not only a catalog of 55 million songs, but also a catalog a karaoke function

Ware did their tour in 2021 last week (5 February), which should start in April. The star will now take to the streets in December bringing her latest album to eight cities in England and Scotland

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