Jon Huber caught people’s attention Whether he was performing as Brodie Lee or Luke Harper, he did the toughest feat in wrestling

The most experienced wrestling performers find a way to expose disbelief and make people believe in the magic of their work. That’s the beauty of pro wrestling. Even more meaningful than top athletic performance, it creates a lasting bond of making someone believe / p>

Huber spent his life using and honing his craft, relentlessly looking for the right look, style, and character.The end result was forging a timeless piece in pro wrestling, albeit one that will be heartbreaking , no next chapter will be included

It was announced late Saturday night that Huber – the indestructible, thick-bearded, unstoppable force in wrestling – had died of a lung-related illness at the age of only 41 when he was just peaking as both a performer and a parent, Huber’s life was cruelly torn away from him

“It doesn’t feel real,” says Jon Good, best known as AEW star Jon Moxley, on Sunday night, “It feels like I’m in a very vivid dream and I’m waiting for me to solve it My brain has not yet accepted it. Right now I’m completely deaf ”

When the news of death circulated on Saturday night, memories of Huber’s work as Brodie Lee in AEW and Luke Harper in WWE immediately crossed the minds of those who enjoyed seeing him perform Amid the sadness, people also reflected resilience and perseverance that defined Huber’s work in pro-wrestling, an industry that is somehow as breakneck as it is sublime

Had Huber popped up in pro-wrestling in the early 1980s, the mind doesn’t have to wander too far before envisioning a dominant, formidable run through the territories as a giant monster before ending up in the World Wrestling Federation Fighting Hulk Hogan But the style of pro wrestling has evolved over the decades, offering an even more difficult landscape for a larger-than-life man, yet Huber found a way to forge his own identity and develop a terrifying personality, complete with a series of eyes that had the ability to peer into your soul.He built his reputation across India and worked credibly violently.His work with Moxley in CZW and EVOLVE, as well as Eddie Kingston in Chikara, met with particular resonance.Viewers realized that this great one Man was a force willing to hit hard and make sure the contact was no less than tight was

“The first night we wrestled, we shared a hotel room later that night,” says Moxley. “That was over a decade ago. He was an amazing person While so many of us are all hot for wrestling -Angle, he would find a way to turn negatives into a positive or an inside joke. He was exactly the person you wanted in the locker room I was so glad to be with him again at AEW

“And we wrestled so often, whether in India, in the Shield Wyatt war, at six-man shows at house shows or on European tours – we always felt together. When Tony Khan asked me about Brodie at AEW, I said : “Hell, yeah, I want this match” We could wrestle each other in our sleep He was so good “

“We always joked that if I didn’t make him look so good, he would be a substitute teacher in Rochester, but the truth is he was that undeniable, undeniable talent,” says Moxley. “He was an athletic tall man who could circle anyone ”

It only took Huber a few words to capture a rare mix of mystery and suspense as part of the Wyatt family. Alongside Bray Wyatt and Erick Rowan, the trio created magic rarely seen in pro-wrestling. Though Wyatt was the star, it was the ensemble that completed the act; their showdowns with John Cena, The Shield, Daniel Bryan and The New Day are still memorable scenes that capture realism, credibility and fear, which is extremely difficult in pro-wrestling

There were also glimpses of Huber’s in-ring brilliance as a single performer in the WWE.Despite his tag team conquests with Rowan, Huber always hungered for a chance to become a solo act. His only single title found six years ago instead of being awarded the Intercontinental Championship for just under a month, he bumped and sold the belt back to Dolph Ziggler in an extremely underrated ranked game at TLC in 2014, and made Ziggler look like a real star by hitting that 6’5 ” Troop overcame

A few months later, Huber competed in a multi-man ladder match at WrestleMania 31, his very first match at WrestleMania, again demonstrating the length he was ready to be viewed as someone the company is committed to could build

“We wanted to make the highlight roll,” says Moxley. “We thought we could only do this if I almost killed myself with a death-defying lump. So we came up with this place where he would walk me over a steel ladder bombed from the ring to the ground, and that is f —— sketchy It is an extremely dangerous bump that goes backwards at a high angle

“It was a gnarled bump. Vince [McMahon] was bugged. He thought I was dead, which meant it was a good bump. And we did the highlight role. I claim to this day that I didn’t tell anyone on the planet.” had entrusted this bump I put my life in his hands and walked away ”

For the next four years, Huber never found the secret to singles success in WWE, so he took matters into his own hands

Though WWE offers incredible compensation for his services, Huber walked the road less traveled in pro wrestling, playing on himself and signing with AEW As it turned out, the timing couldn’t have been worse for fans distant from the pandemic of live events and exposed wrestling as a different entity without the magical element of a crowd within the venue. Instead of debuting on a dynamite in his hometown of Rochester, New York, Huber revealed himself in March as “The Exalted One” of The Dark Order on a closed dynamite

Seeing Huber as the leader of the Dark Order seemed like a failed proposition as the group at that point had been unable to connect with the audience as a whole, but one happened on the Road to Darkness of the Dark Order fun thing as Lee’s presence turned out to be the necessary piece to bring the group to life.His humor and sharpness were a perfect match for a group that relentlessly claimed it wasn’t a cult

This scene was repeated after Huber lost a world title match to Moxley in the Double or Nothing pay-per-view in May. Of course, after losing a world title, there were concerns that Huber would have difficulty accepting his place in the AEW script find

Huber finally removed any doubts about his worth as a sole proprietorship when he bludgeoned Cody Rhodes and claimed ownership of the TNT championship in August. Finally, he had television segments to wreak havoc in the ring and time to use the microphone as a pulpit As summer turned towards autumn, Huber built himself up to become a champion worth seeing. The Dark Order immediately seemed to become the appointment viewing that still exists. This route with the TNT championship confirmed every belief that Huber had in himself as a pro-wrestler – despite years of doubts and the fact that executives told him that his place was in the supporting cast, Huber showed that he was spoiled for choice of playing the lead role

“How good he was was never a secret to anyone in the business,” says Moxley. “But he was always put in a supply role or part of a group. So that as a soloist he could be the centerpiece of a group, he proved that he was a leading actor ”

Full of surprises, Huber had a lot more to offer pro wrestling and above all his two children and his wife, whom he loved very much

“He wasn’t interested in getting famous,” says Moxley. “This is a guy you wouldn’t see at an after party. Once he finished work, he went to his family’s home asap He was so proud to be a father and husband. He loved wrestling and he was great at it, but it was his job. He was lucky enough to love his calling, but his most important role in life was as a father and husband ”

Multiple layers were all an integral part of Huber’s charms Yes, he had that scary, Bruiser Brody-like intensity in his work.He also had an endearing sense of humor, the ability to connect with people through seven succinct words on Twitter kicking, and a skill and passion few of his peers possess.But when he won the TNT Championship on Jan. Returned October in Dynamite on Rhodes, Huber seemed to disappear from AEW programming

Little information is currently available about the circumstances surrounding his illness. His death is a painful reminder of the volatility of life but it is also a very loud testimony to the power of pro wrestling This industry goes much deeper than entertainment. It is an opportunity to create a piece of work that lasts Huber made people believe in the magic of his work and capture the sweetness of an industry that has a fair share of poison

There will be comfort under the tears at some point knowing the work of Brodie Lee is going to live on, but for now the pain and grief over the loss of this giant of a man, a friend and an actor is just increasing / p>

“I’m grateful that I’ve had so much time with him since we first met in India,” says Moxley. “I will always picture him with that smile on my face, I can still see my brain don’t wrap it I don’t understand why the best people are the ones who were taken away so early ”

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