Kate Winslet came to the rescue of a young co-star who had to direct an intimate scene with another actor.Although it is not in Winslet’s job description, she served as the intimacy coordinator for the film and hid in the trunk of a car to support them

Winslet is undoubtedly a helpful resource for any movie set as an established and respected actor, but she gave a huge support to Angourie Rice, the Mare of Easttown co-star, when she had to do a sex scene. p>

Winslet plays Rice’s mother on the HBO series and definitely gave maternal support when the younger actor needed her most

Winslet shared the story during an interview with How I Found My Voice Rice was 19 when she had to film an “intimate scene in a car,” so the Titanic star decided she wasn’t far from during the scene her daughter’s screen would be removed

“With no clothes peeling off in the scene, they didn’t consider bringing in an intimacy coordinator,” explained Winslet. “And I just felt like she was nervous, so I said to her,” I’ll be there for this be, i will stay, i will not leave the set”‘”

“She said,” Thank god Kate, thank you very much “and I was in the car. I ended up in the trunk of the car,” added Winslet. She explained that it was important for her to offer her support there “The only other people in their room” are two male cameramen in the car

“I knew it would make them feel better if they had a person who would be able to raise their hand and say,” We have to cut now, is everyone okay? “she remarked

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Involving intimacy coordinators is a fairly new practice, and Winslet admitted that for her previous roles it would have been greatly appreciated to have someone in that capacity

“Sometimes even directors don’t feel comfortable communicating with actors through intimate scenes, even if they are just kissing,” she explained,

“I definitely wish I had her in the past, which I definitely do,” remarked Winslet. “I really could have done it with this friend Just having a friend who says,” Can you ask him his hands not to put there? ”

Since no intimacy coordinator was used for Winslet’s film Ammonite, she and her co-star Saoirse Ronan had to maneuver their intimate scenes unaided

“It’s interesting we didn’t have them on Ammonite, and I think that’s partly because at the time of filming it was 2019,” she explained. “Intimacy coordinators only got marginally into one thing, they weren’t legal requirement for film sets “

Winslet continued, “Ammonite was really a very low budget film, we had no stunt doubles, hand doubles, we barely had a packed lunch, it was nothing that we were ever offered”

The actors worked together to play the lesbian sex scenes in the film. “But Sairose and I were pretty confident about what to do with the characters in those intimate scenes,” explained Winslet. “I think we both got together a bit felt better when we looked after each other ”

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