The Cincinnati Bearcats led the Georgia Bulldogs for much of the game during Friday’s Peach Bowl, but were only responsible for their late defeat

The Bearcats held onto a 21:19 lead when they got the ball back at 2:54 in the fourth quarter. A long drive could have ended the game, but even a first loss could have seriously injured Georgia as only Two Time Outs Left Cincinnati did that for the first time in the second game of the drive, apparently putting them in a good position to watch the game

Cincinnati suddenly lost all ability to manage time, however, as football analyst Warren Sharp pointed out, the Bearcats snapped the ball 12 seconds ahead of the game clock despite the music box running.In a similar situation, they snatched the ball 10 seconds ahead of the next game on the music box That’s 22 seconds of time that Cincinnati could ultimately have burned, but not

Most egregiously, however, the Bearcats decided to make a deep pass on 3 and 2 Throwing space, leaving 1:34 with Georgia no time out, instead of taking about 30 seconds off the music box with a running game – possibly even scoring a first hit – Cincinnati couldn’t convert the pass and had to get the ball Throw back left to the Bulldogs at 1:28 That was just enough time for Georgia to move the ball down for a dramatic field goal

If the Bearcats had shut the music box down as low as they could and got the ball to third place, even without a conversion, Georgia would have likely got the ball back in 20-25 seconds, which would have been a very difficult place to get in to reach the field goal range

Cincinnati trainer Luke Fickell has been widely blamed on Twitter for the loss attributable to his inexplicable watch management, particularly the decision to cancel the 3rd and pass on the short

Luke Fickell is one of the top coaches in the country, and he probably cost his team the game too by making a mistake a 12-year-old Madden wouldn’t have made on Human Duality

“Are you serious? We play to win, ”said Fickell of FOX 19’s Jeremy Rauch in Cincinnati

Many would argue that the best game to win would have been to play it safe and play the ball. Unfortunately, such poor watch management is all too common at all levels of football

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