Nick Carter ends 2020 with lots of highs! While the Backstreet Boys were forced to postpone their DNA World Tour earlier this year, the 40-year-old singer still had to perform on stage for thousands of spectators – even when everything was in disguise

Carter disguised as The Crocodile took third place on The Masked Singer’s final season and couldn’t have been happier to keep putting on a show along with the rest of BSB, releasing an unexpected collaboration with Britney Spears this month entitled “Matches”

“I want to say when I did ‘Toxic’ on Masked Singer it was in honor of Britney,” Carter told ETs Deidre Behar of one of his most memorable appearances. “I tried to give my best female voice around throwing off the judges and mixing up some dance moves that emulate her And maybe it’s an opportunity that she saw and inspired her And right after that, the song came out “

The Backstreet Boys and Spears were labelmates at Jive Records for many years, and Carter said they had “crossed” many times “

“We’d like to say that we, Britney and * NSYNC, broke the door open to ’90s pop,” he noted, adding that they weren’t allowed to record “matches” with Spears in the studio

As to whether there might be a possible performance between the artists in the future, he said, “Yeah, it would be really cool! So many things can happen”

“First and foremost there is the realization that the whole world is in a healing phase and we all want to get to this light at the end of the tunnel and try to do the right things to protect one another”, he continued, “But if everything is clear and you can make a music video, all of these things can still happen”

In September, Carter also teased a project with * NSYNC’s Lance Bass, the two of whom haven’t released an update on what’s in the works so far

“We got the idea of ​​something that [we] haven’t fully released yet, but with everything that is going on We played phone day, “he shared,” All I can say is that it’s within the realm of what we said, a collaboration, and that’s all I’m going to say now, but we’re still talking ”

“The timeframe is probably January to get an announcement,” he continued, “I see a lot of really big things happening on the horizon in January around my birthday month”

When asked if he could describe their collaboration in three words, he teased: “Exciting, diverse and I think you could say liberating”

Carter meanwhile enjoyed attending The Masked Singer and sharing the stage with many other talented performers

“I was just grateful to be among the most incredibly talented people, Aloe Blacc and LeAnne Rimes, Tori Kelly,” he said before delving into the reason he did the show, “It was really just about My kids I have two kids who watch the show and [loved] seeing Daddy – didn’t tell them I did – [but] the costumes, the pink crocodile, the stories, the songs I wanted to love the show at one time where everyone longs for entertainment and release during quarantine. If I could lift someone up a little and give them a little pleasure, I wanted to be a part of that story “

Carter also stated that it was “liberating and liberating” to be on stage even though he was wearing a mask “

“It’s been a great honor to be able to perform one way or another, especially at a time when we were on our DNA tour and we were selling out arenas every night,” he recalled. “And obviously everything is happened and we had to do the right thing and sit back but have the opportunity to perform one way or another [was great] “

As the year progressed, Carter is grateful for the many opportunities that have arisen in this upside-down year. He even released a new solo single this week called “80’s Movie”

“I’ve thankfully had so many incredible experiences from a professional point of view and I’m very grateful and grateful that I’m only here after 28 years,” he said. “I haven’t had that much free time since I started with the guys.” have always been on tour We have always released albums, go and go And the families have to take us on the street But now I’m home and 100%, like 1000%, dad right now, when I see them grow in real time, I honestly reach the bucket list now in real time “

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