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Norwich manager Daniel Farke described his team’s 2-1 win in Sheffield on Wednesday as “the best win of the season”

City came from behind to hold their own against relegation-threatened Owls, putting them 10 points ahead of the championship top with 10 games remaining. Teemu Pukki and Todd Cantwell goals in the second half secured the win and responded to Jordan Rhodes’ opener in the first half

“It was the best win of the season. It’s a spotlight game and it’s the kind of game you want to win,” said Farke. “It was a difficult game against a highly motivated team. They led within a few moments and have many experienced players Player It was amazing to respond the way we did

“It’s up to the players to deliver on the field and they wanted to reverse this game with their focus, tactical discipline, dedication and spirit”It’s a really proud day. It’s a huge win today. We showed energy and a strong mentality. It was a hard-fought win”

The win brings City to 79 points as they seek an immediate return to the Premier League after relegation last summer

“We have always said that 80 points are enough to be safe in the play-offs”Let’s be honest, with 79 points we don’t have to worry about this anymore,” said Farke. “We’ll definitely make it into the top six and we have a great chance of at least getting into the top four. At the moment we’re going on and don’t get carried away too much ”

The defeat leaves seven points ahead of safety on Wednesday and his new manager, Darren Moore, has yet to take one point since his shock transfer from Doncaster earlier this month, but Moore was pleased with his side’s performance

“The performance was much better today,” he said. “We have to keep getting better. We changed the system and I thought the guys did really well

“I told the players that they went from head to toe with the leaders today. We started the game on the forefoot and I thought we gave as well as Norwich did in the first half. I thought the guys were detailed in their work in the first half and we put them back and scored the all-important goal I thought we made very good use of the ball from the positions and worked it well across the field

“Norwich put us on our backs in the second half and held us. They had two games and two excellent placements from two top players. We could have improved the field even further and we didn’t see that. You are where you are , because of the players they have We need a win to get the momentum going ”

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Wednesday in Sheffield – Norwich City

World news – FI – Norwich City are 10 points ahead of their comeback win in Sheffield on Wednesday