– I have a picture of my head of a place I don’t know if it’s real But it has a feeling And the feeling is real

ETHAN ALTER: Well this is a film that obviously concerns alternate realities So are you someone who subscribes to the alternate reality worldview?

OWEN WILSON: I’m definitely open to that. I said that until a few years ago I had never heard the idea that we might be in a simulation when I believe Elon Musk said something and there was a New York Times thing And then all of a sudden working on this movie And then with the crazy year we had

ETHAN ALTER: I know you aren’t on social media much, but your co-star Salma Hayek is a certified Instagram star.Did she give you any pointers on how to get into the social media game?

OWEN WILSON: Well it’s funny because she’s not really a tech geek, she’ll be the first to admit it, But I think she took that on, Instagram and I don’t know, I’ll miss it To take care of?

ETHAN ALTER: I think you do I think we have to have fun here with you

ETHAN ALTER: [Laughs] What do you think you would post if you were on Instagram? Do you know she does a lot of different things Do you have something on your mind?

OWEN WILSON: I think it’s like this – it would be easy to take pictures, and you know – but how many – do we need more pictures of sunsets, rainbows and views? And sometimes I would love to see someone trying to do the boringest thing, you know, ever just imagine a chain link fence with some sort of leaf in the background

ETHAN ALTER: But how was it for both of you? This is one of your first works with Salma. How did you fall into your rhythm on the screen? You have a really nice dynamic How did you get together?

OWEN WILSON: You know, you never know exactly how you’re going to get along I’m pretty good at getting along with people But with Salma I think from the start that the director and I spoke to her, just an original person And how this type of mind works, and she is a strong personality

And she’s just very charming. You can’t I found myself so many times, oh, I have to write this down Another fun thing Salma said

– But you like to lie about what you just did Because we both know you like to talk

ETHAN ALTER: You set the internet a little on fire when the first “Loki” pictures of you debuted. You had a new look that no one had really seen before

ETHAN ALTER: You have how did you come up with this look? What was that – what’s the story behind it?

OWEN WILSON: You know, it was kind of I think being part of the Marvel Universe, and I think it always makes it easier when you act I mean, it’s a bit believable of course. So get dressed, put on a costume

And when you can change your hair and the way people normally see you and the way you see yourself, it’s just a little bit easier to feel like someone else and stuff yeah, I think the character Mobius that I play in “Loki” is definitely a different look for me

ETHAN AGE: I think I can make your Instagram look different, just model your Marvel character different

A public charter school in Utah sparked controversy over the weekend after it was announced that parents could “exercise their civil rights” and expel their children from the school’s Black History Month curriculum, following widespread backlash, that decision is falling

Shops and businesses closed in many parts of Indian-controlled Kashmir on Tuesday to celebrate the eighth anniversary of the secret execution of a Kashmiri man in New Delhi, with hundreds of armed police and paramilitary soldiers in riot gear patrolling than most Residents in the disputed region’s capital Srinagar stayed indoors Many Kashmiris were outraged when Mohammed Afzal Guru was secretly hanged on February 9, 2013, in a New Delhi prison for involvement in a 2001 parliamentary attack that killed 14 people were, including five armed men

The government said it would introduce stricter border controls against new variants of the coronavirus next week

Former President Donald Trump apparently had his limits when it came to attacking his political rivals. Throughout the 2020 campaign season, Trump had the final say on which campaign ads made it into the air and which ones were thrown away when he made those decisions Regular White House viewing sessions where his top White House aides and campaign officials gathered to laugh at and edit ads, including some that were too “out there” even for the former president, Axios reports a couple of times In the month, former Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale brought his laptop to the White House and sat “so close” to Trump that it sometimes “bothered” him, a source told Axios Parscale would then run through a number of campaign ads, including many who were inspired by “young pro-Trump fans who sent their ideas,” continues Axios Eine r targeted CNN’s Don Lemon and his coverage of the Black Lives Matter protests while another President Biden coughed to claim he was unwell, a source shared with Trump “often laughed at” some of the wilder spots But then came to the conclusion that they were too “brutal” or “not worth the backlash” he was getting, the Axios source told A subject that Trump particularly avoided was Biden’s inappropriately touching women, reports Axios At one point, Trump’s campaign created an ad with clips of women accusing Biden of improper contact, and ended with Vice President Kamala Harris stating, “I know a predator when I see one”But as a source close to the campaign said,” He never wanted to advertise predators or women against Biden for fear of opening his own can of worms. “Read more about Trump’s campaign advertising on Axios for more stories The weekly comTrump has still not admitted his loss of election But his impeachment attorney Bruce Castor did it several timesTrump the operator is backRock & The nominees for the Roll Hall of Fame include Jay-Z, Mary J Blige and Foo Fighters

Prosecutors in Thailand on Tuesday accused four prominent pro-democracy activists of sedition and defamation of the monarchy for their protest activities. The case is the first of numerous cases filed against participants in the student-led protest movement led by Prosecutor General is prosecuted The four – parit “Penguin” Chiwarak, Arnon Nampa, Somyos Prueksakasemsuk and Patiwat Saraiyaem, also known as “Mor Lam Bank” – were refused bail

US. President Joe Biden said Tuesday he was approving a proposal by the Democratic Legislature that would cap or expire stimulus payments to those with higher incomes as part of his $ 1 trillion coronavirus aid bill at the start of a meeting with business leaders asked if He supported the proposal that Americans with incomes up to 75$ 000 and households with incomes up to 150$ 000 1Intended to receive $ 400, Biden said, “Yes.” In addition to the Recovery Act, Biden said he would discuss infrastructure and minimum wages with the executives of JPMorgan Chase, Walmart, Gap Inc and Lowe’s companies

On the first day of the second impeachment proceedings against former President Donald Trump, the impeachment managers of the house show a video montage of Jan 6 Uprising at the US. Capitol

Dominion Voting Systems is suing Sidney Powell, a Texas attorney who created a false conspiracy theory that the company helped President Biden defeat former President Donald Trump for defamation, but it is not easy to track down to To help her $ 13 billion, the company said in a court case on Tuesday Dominion had to hire private investigators to chase Powell “across state lines,” causing “unnecessary costs for exceptional measures to achieve the service,” the company said an attorney von Powell, Howard Kleinhendler, denied Dominion’s allegation, telling Politico that his client was “regularly out and about as part of her work” and that over the past few months “had to take extra precautions about her safety, which may have made her more difficult to get to.” serve”But” Ms. Powell had no reason to evade the service as she is looking forward to defending herself in court, “added Powell, asking for more time to respond to Dominion’s lawsuit in a trial on Monday said there was no problem with Powell by Aug. Responding March 11, but determined that their troubles hit them for “the record” Powell spent months making unsubstantiated claims about the November election, including one that Dominion was part of a global communist conspiracy The late Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez was involved in filming the election after Biden served on Trump’s legal team for a while before temporarily disconnecting from her after a particularly unusual press conference, Powell was trafficked by Twitter for spreading QAnon conspiracy theories the January 6 attack on the US. Capitol More stories from the week ComTrump has still not admitted losing his election But his impeachment attorney Bruce Castor did it several times Trump the operator is backRock & Nominees for the Roll Hall of Fame include Jay-Z, Mary J Blige and Foo Fighters

An independent autopsy found no evidence of torture on the body of a well-known Lebanese publisher and vocal critic for the Shiite militant Hezbollah group who was shot dead in his car last week, his wife said Monday, Lokman Slim, a 58-year-old political activist and commentator, was found dead Thursday with six bullets in his body on a deserted country road in the south of the country, Slim’s family voiced skepticism that a national investigation would lead into those who killed him and kept a history of unsolved assassinations and political crimes in Lebanon at

The Iranian intelligence minister said continued Western pressure could lead Tehran to fight back like a “cornered cat” and look for nuclear weapons The Islamic Republic has insisted for years that it has no intention of ever moving forward. The remarks made in a television interview are a rare indication that Iran may have an interest in nuclear weapons that Western states have accused Iran of prosecuting Iranian officials have The charges are repeatedly dismissed, citing a fatwa or religious decree issued in the early 2000s by the Islamic Republic’s supreme authority, Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, which forbids the development or use of nuclear weapons

Former President Donald Trump was definitely angry with his impeachment defense team, particularly senior attorney Bruce Castor, who was looking down the line for his weird, sprawling opening speech, “Trump, who appeared on his Mar-a -Lago watched his defense attorneys respond to an emotional presentation from impeachment managers with a series of dry, technical, and sometimes meandering arguments about the due process and constitutionality of the process”Politico reports” As they continued to roar, he became increasingly frustrated at the sharp contrast between their subdued response and the prosecutor’s opening salvo. “But Trump, who was following the trial on Newsmax, was not only dismayed by Castor’s energy-saving performance and the poor ratings of Allies and Senator jurors, Politico reports Castor declined to use “graphics or video – tools his TV-obsessed client had been hoping for” And the former president was upset, Castor “wore an ill-fitting suit and at one point praised the case the impeachment manager of the Democratic House, “adds the Washington Post, although Trump himself was also reportedly impressed by the impeachment managers and their video presentation. And most of all, Castor” did what Trump himself didn’t do: Joe Biden won the presidential election ” , notes The Associated Press. He called Trump a “former Pres identen, “said he was” removed by the electorate, “arguing that Americans” were smart enough to elect a new administration when they didn’t like the old one, and they just did “Trump continues to falsely insist that he actually won the election, and this “big lie” – that his election was “stolen” – underpins his entire impeachment process. Castor used Trump’s status as former president to defend his case, which was rejected by the Senate, that it was unconstitutional In fact, “Trump first urged his impeachment attorneys to bring the unsubstantiated case that the election was stolen,” the Post reported, “an approach they ultimately rejected while they were still argued that the first amendment protects their client’s right to pass on misinformation and false claims “More Stories from the week ComTrump the operator is backRock & The nominees for the Roll Hall of Fame include Jay-Z, Mary J Blige and Foo Fighters 100-year-old accused Nazi camp guard who was charged with 3518 counts of murder charged

A Holyrood investigation into the Alex Salmond affair has been ruled whitewash after independent MSPs blocked the publication of a dossier on his allegations against Nicola Sturgeon, the former Prime Minister almost certainly appeared not to personally prove the investigation Tuesday night after all four SNP MSPs and a former Green, now an independent, committee of nine had voted to block the publication of a document already largely in the public domain Mr Salmond wanted to expand on his allegations that Ms. Sturgeon had repeatedly violated the Ministerial Code because of complaints about sexual harassment against him If so found, she would likely resign, claiming the refusal to release the information means he will not be able to fully explain his position and plans to hold a press conference instead to discuss his claims against Ms. Sturgeon However, there is still a possibility that Mr Salmond, together with The Spectator magazine, which published the dossier on its website, will seek a ruling from the Edinburgh High Court on Thursday that will make the legality of the publication beyond doubt

German public prosecutors have charged a 100-year-old man with murder because he had served as a Nazi SS guard in a concentration camp on the outskirts of Berlin during the Second World War.The man is said to have been a member of the paramilitary camp in Sachsenhausen between 1942 and 1945 Wing of the NSDAP, said Cyrill Klement, who led the centenarian’s investigation for the Neuruppin prosecutor’s office, despite his advanced age, the suspect is considered fit enough to stand on trial, although arrangements may need to be made to count the number of Limit hours per day that the court meets, Klement told The Associated Press

Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen wished China a Happy Lunar New Year on Tuesday but said it will not give in to Chinese pressure and reiterated the call to reopen dialogue with Beijing, which China rejected as democratic Taiwan claiming its own territory, has stepped up military activities across the island in recent months, responding to what Beijing calls a “collusion” between Taipei and Washington, Taiwan’s top international supporter, after meeting with senior security officials, Tsai, Taiwan said I am in close contact with “relevant countries” about the situation in the cross-strait that separates the island from its giant neighbor

Former President Donald Trump faces a second acquittal – but Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump reportedly warn him not to “pull defeat from the jaws of victory” “with Trump’s second impeachment trial against the Senate in a matter of hours is about to begin, Politico reported Tuesday that his daughter Ivanka Trump and son-in-law Jared Kushner warned the former president “that while he has the votes for the acquittal, it can still screw that up” defeat from the jaws of victory ‘snatch’ is the phrase Kushner uses most to describe the concern, ‘writes Politico Trump’s acquittal was considered likely after 45 Senate Republicans backed impeachment dismissal efforts last month, suggesting that there are not enough votes for a conviction In this historic second trial, Tr ump accused of sparking a riot in the Capitol that killed five people and his lawyers are expected to argue that the process is unconstitutional because he is no longer in office Politico also reports that Trump advised the council by Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump apparently took to heart An aide told the outlet: “At the moment, Trump thinks: ‘I have 45 votes, all I have to do is play golf and not do everything.’ But he ‘is already imagining his comeback,’ the report said – and draws comparisons to his reality show “The Apprentice” “He’s been comparing it to that time between seasons of The Apprentice and building anticipation and amazement for what’s to come,” an adviser told Politico while it’s not exactly clear On how Trump envisions such a comeback, a separate Politico report on Tuesday said that aides expect him to “gradually” reappear once the trial is over At this point, he is likely to “be” changing attention to revenge on Republicans who he believes crossed him after he left office. ComTrump still hasn’t admitted his loss of the election, but impeachment attorney Bruce Castor did trump the operator is backRock & The nominees for the Roll Hall of Fame include Jay-Z, Mary J Blige and Foo Fighters

Dong Wang is Associate Professor at the Department of Mathematics at the National University of Singapore (NUS) YouTube users who claim to be in the class said they did “all sorts of things” to get his attention, but he just ignored them

Alabama is preparing to execute lethal injection on an inmate in what would be the state’s first death sentence during the COVID-19 pandemic, according to Willie B. Smith III, 51, is slated to be killed in a southern Alabama prison Thursday for Sharma Ruth Johnson was killed with a shotgun in 1991 US. District Judge Austin Huffaker, Jr Smith’s attorney denied residence on Tuesday

Venezuela will have the first 100 next weekReceiving 000 doses of Russian Sputnik-V coronavirus vaccine, President Nicolas Maduro said Tuesday. “When the vaccination process begins, we will vaccinate all medical and health workers in Venezuela, the most vulnerable sectors,” Maduro said during a live broadcast Maduro previously announced that the South American country will receive 10 million doses of the Sputnik V vaccine

Salma Hayek

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