Rebel Wilson took a trip back in time to the 80s on Wednesday – and she looked absolutely stunning doing it

The star showed off her incredible weight loss in a tight zip-up catsuit that fans absolutely loved, while Rebel wore her hair half-way up and had glittery pink lipstick added to complete her look

Her fans were, as always, full of compliments for her, calling her look “fantastic” and saying she was “a queen”

Rebel was busy mending her broken heart after breaking up with boyfriend Jacob Busch The star recently announced she is single and got down to work and a little fun trying to get over him

The Pitch Perfect actress hosted an epic Super Bowl slumber party in a luxury private jet and decorated it with mini American football and bunting, there were plenty of comfy-looking beds for the flight to Florida, too

There she met her “TV husband” Adam Devine, with whom she posed for pictures

He previously talked about their bond, saying, “We actually have the same agent, and every time I speak to her she says, ‘We have to get you and Rebel together in a movie where you have love interests’ So yes we feel very comfortable with each other “

Rebel hasn’t revealed why her relationship with Jacob ended, but seems to distract her with loved ones by her side

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Rebel Wilson

World news – FI – Rebel Wilson tears the figure into a tight, glittering top – and the fans react